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  1. Re: The Origins and Control of the Human Species - Mark Passio's recommended top researchers.

    I too have been listening to Mark Passio's work with great interest. I find myself nodding my head, laughing out loud while listening to him speak as he confirms (as well as reminds me) what I have...
  2. Re: My Thoughts and Thanks to the Mods and Administration

    Well said Runningdeer!

    I would just like to add what the mods actions over these years have inspired in me to aspire to.

    How the mods allow each person to grow into their own unique...
  3. Re: Crazy China! Forty People Broke into the 4th Branch of Our Community Without Any Lawful Documents!

    Hi Jena,
    You have been much in my thoughts - so lovely to hear from you.
    Sorry to hear you have been moved on again - what happened?
    I understand you have little access to the internet, yet much...
  4. Re: Black listed due to breach of terms (Dailymotion)

    Sorry to hear you are being mucked about - I am not a techy, so no idea as to why

    Other than 'they' like to keep the image of men in black in the Hollywood box spoof version in people's minds -...
  5. View Post

    WOW - just finished reading this entire thread page of posts - Thank you to everyone who has contributed - Top notch, cutting edge, New Frontier information! Fantastic!

    Also a huge big Thank YOU...
  6. Re: Expose EbolaGate, Arrest the Perps, Stay healthy with Vitamin C

    This is well worth listening too - I am pleased they gave a history run down of vaccine statistics. Shocking to think how many people over the past 100 years have sadly had their lives cut short.
  7. Re: African Doctor-"Red Cross Injections Made People Sick Not Ebola" "It Isn't Real"

    Thank you for posting this.................. it's kind of left me stumped for words.....................

    This is an important read on many levels.

    Whether this turns out to be truth or more...
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    Re: Q&A with Captain Kaye

    Thank you Peace&Love for sharing your latest Q&A conversation instalment with Captain Kaye. :thumb:

    I have thought of another question I would be curious to understand more about (if that is...
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    Re: Q&A with Captain Kaye

    Hello Peace&Love – ‘Bravo’ for getting in touch with Captain Kaye (Randy Cramer), and the added bonus of permission to share this on PA as well – sending hugs of appreciation to both of you.

  10. Re: Project Camelot: Randy Cramer U.S. Marine - Earth Defense Force

    I've been waiting for this moment for some time - Thank you Kerry Cassidy for being on the ball!

    I am downloading this interview now to watch and be able to rewind when required. ;)
  11. Re: Ironically Funny - Cameron's Conference Rap

    I am so glad I threw the TV out years ago.

    Yet what this guy is able to do is pure genius. My mind boggles with the OP rap where he began, with the clips, or composing the song to then find the...
  12. Re: British Citizen Turns Himself In To Scotland Yard for not Believing Official 9/11 & 7/7 Stories

    Excellent link - thank you! I wonder what will happen if many people decide to do this too?

    It seems 'tptw' are becoming very, very creative in their liberal definitions of using the 'T' word. ...
  13. Re: Ironically Funny - Cameron's Conference Rap

    I absolutely agree Jake!

    Whoever spliced this together did a great job.

    Did you see the numbers on youtube - very, very popular and only released yesterday.

    Yes, Many levels.

    I will...
  14. Ironically Funny - Cameron's Conference Rap

    With all that's fast unfolding upon this planet in all it's layers, I have not felt like speaking much recently.......

    Just recieved this from a friend.
    It made me ironically laugh;
    perhaps it...
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    Re: This evening in Israel

    Not sure if this has already been posted. George makes some very good pure reasoning points in his speech - well worth listening to.

    Published on 26 Jul 2014 - George Galloway speaking in Bolivar...
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    Re: Alien Abduction - Signs, Symptoms and Marks

    Hi Shadowstalker,

    I have just seen your thread. Well done for grabbing the camera and recording them - I have been most slack (possibly resistant) in recording most of mine other than mentally.
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    Re: This evening in Israel

    My first reaction reading this post my jaw dropped......:jaw:

    Then read the source and read

    [Highlight enhanced by me]

    I am reminded that polls are easily manipulated via the way the...
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    Re: This evening in Israel

    These photos speak a million words.............. quite heart breaking.
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    Re: Gaza is not going to exist!!!

    Well written Sidney....................... I know exactly what you say, I too have spent many nights over the years in long focus demanding to Source that help is needed 'right here'. I am usually a...
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    Re: This evening in Israel

    I have just started to read this very important thread - thank you to every member who is updating it, I hope to get more time later to read more pages.

    I just posted on another thread this post...
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