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    Re: Avatar photos and secrecy

    Cool. The new goldring website Billy The one you posted in your thread is dead. I was with them as well during my early awakening stages. Awesome group of people...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Hello Villagers. Been awhile. Here and now I'll post this.
    NYC is suppose to get 2 to 3 ft of snow this week. Grrr. Yep you heard that correctly. So here is some humour if I may. Here in NY when...
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    Re: Protest the Geoengineering Coverup!

    Hmm I wonder if the lame stream media will be there reporting this on TV or the propaganda newspaper tabloids. I have my doubt's. Don't think this will be exposed. Nope no airtime. They want this...
  4. Thread: Black Goo

    by WhiteFeather

    Re: Black Goo

    No sweat. No need to apologize. Its all good. ;)

    Check this out Bee.

    In this re-upload of the ET Falklands War ET connections, David Griffin of Exopolitics UK sets the stage for the details of...
  5. Re: Mapping All Concepts Energies Images and Sounds via Electromagnetics (Electronic Telepathy Technology)

    The Sumerians were keen on sound and vibration. If I may here my brother from the Stars.
  6. Re: Saudi oil policy - just took turn for the worse

    And I thought the drop in oil prices was the account of this.
  7. Thread: Black Goo

    by WhiteFeather

    Re: Black Goo

    Some info here on a past thread I created.
  8. Re: Secure, encrypted, easy to use, free email: ProtonMail

    Thanks Paul. I'm awaiting my new email name. Gonna give it a try.
  9. Re: Ben Fulford 2015-01-20: Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance

    « Hail Satan » – Pape François

    PS - The Pope can't make it anymore obvious as to ((Who he truly...
  10. Humans Playing With Matches

    Good Idea Bob. Here's a thread created by rgray222 today. Thanks.

    France has one of the largest number of nuclear power plants in the world and they are being inundated by UFO sightings.

  11. Re: French Nuclear Power Plants Are Being Besieged By UFO Sightings

    To give a decent response to your inquiry. Rendellsham Forest in England would be an example of info intervention in a military base. There is a lot of info on that if you search. And also this...
  12. Re: Independent filmmaker David Crowley + family in 'murder-suicide'

    I hope the movie doesn't get murdered like this filmmaker did. This was no suicide. This filmmaker whacked the hornets nest.
  13. Got Miriam?

    A great person is Miriam. Love her presence and her vibrant energy. She's also a frend of Bill and Kerry as well.

  14. The Thing

    Yep the scenery in the antarctic hath reminded me of this awesome flick in. What else,,,,The Thing. And if i may OP.
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    Re: UFO checking/jamming satellite?

    Mine too Omni. ;) I also like the Metatron sphere.
  16. Bump of the day

    IMO heres the Bump of the day. Some good info on Decalcifying The Pine Cone, or 3rd eye, if you will.
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    The Peace Pipe

    "The Peace Pipe". The song of Hiawatha and other poems. By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

    On the Mountains of the Prairie,...
  18. Re: Free energy- vertical axis wind generator 2015 - DIY (Video)

    Sweet. Love this stuff. And again welcome to Avalon.
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    Owls and ET.

    If I may here Paula and Wind on your Owl post. I just had to.
    On the Owl topic, here is some awesome info on Owls and ET Experiencers how they go hand in hand. Meet Mike Cleland. The Owl man and...
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    That (A) Word. Ascension.

    I think when we engage that so called dreaded (A) word, IMO I think many utilizers of this (A) word contribute it to the changing of mainstream consciousness. Perhaps this is what James may be...
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