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    Re: Engaging the Phenomenon !

    In answering your question jDarktide, there needs to be an universal evolutionary background within the Universe that leads to the current manifestation of UFOs. UFOs are intelligently controlled...
  2. Re: UFOs and global A.I. Master Plan to invade humanity

    Hi Agape,

    I had posted this on your Mankind thread but this may also be appropriate on this thread.

    I am just following up from your contact experience and post processing of the event and...
  3. Re: Do you see a small pixie or something similar in this video. Or is it faked ?

    Hi Scotslad and Tintin, there is a very well documented case of a woman staying at rented cottage in Ireland.
    She stayed at a cottage in the west of Ireland for about 3 months. Ireland is still a...
  4. Re: President of Ghana confirms the second lock down for 2020

    Thanks to receiving a private message from a PA member about the authenticity of the President of Ghana speech that this may not be the President of Ghana.

    I have reservations now that the speech...
  5. President of Ghana confirms the second lock down for 2020

    President of Ghana confirms the second lockdown for 2020.

    President of Ghana via @YouTube

    King Nat who is Honorary Vice Council to The Ivory Coast stationed in the...
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    Re: UAP Task Force For 2021

    Christopher Mellon is one of the board founders back in 2012 of, well before his prominent present role in the TTSA. This may have been an invitation to join by Leslie Kean, another...
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    Recent pilot research (23rd June 2020 SETI meeting) shows that some of the Apollo landers are existing on the Moon as part of an initial data-driven machine learning techniques survey. ...
  8. Re: Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned

    You don’t need to know what frequencies or any other detection requirements or to even to counteract those frequencies. Human beings have significant power once partnering with nature intelligence...
  9. Re: UFOs : Why does the way they look always fall in line with the stylistic tendencies of the current era?

    Hi Agape,

    Because of the environment you were living in, did it take sometime for you to be able to integrate this new reality of from your encounter?

    Regarding 'detailed' photos of ET craft. ...
  10. Re: Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned

    A close friend of mine stopped a riot of eco warriors and police in the UK by using Tibetan cymbals and projected open heart consciousness
    to both sides. The frequencies of the open heart and...
  11. Re: UFOs : Why does the way they look always fall in line with the stylistic tendencies of the current era?

    It appears we have different categories of the UFO phenomenon. It’s a huge complex global arena with what appears to be a mix of manifestations of either the phenomena providing the physical reality...
  12. Re: World Coalition on Extra-terrestrial Contact

    EFO, thanks for your most important question.

    The early days of putting together such a project as the WCEC, was recognised by all delegates that it was imperative to be independent. This is the...
  13. Re: World Coalition on Extra-terrestrial Contact

    Kryztian, to answer your questions and I'll also expand on the WCEC NGO status in relation to UN.

    1. The China circumstances of not been involved in this initiative are due to the major mining...
  14. Re: World Coalition on Extra-terrestrial Contact

    Justplain, the WCEC will only be serving the conditions and remit within its manifesto and eventual constitution.

    Lichtenstein as a country's role is only there as an entity to support the WCEC at...
  15. World Coalition on Extra-terrestrial Contact

    Significant amount of information was posted here at PA in the last two years about the ‘Chinese Initiative for Disclosure’. The Chinese Initiative is no longer active and all ties to the WCEC are...
  16. Re: Trump's Executive Order on Social Media Censorship

    I wasn’t too sure where to post this item. The mods may decide on this topic. Although it was suggested to have a new thread on Assange which may be the case. However, as this part of the topic is...
  17. Re: The true and lost history of the Tuth De Dian people

    Gord: Thank you for the links to other old material relating to inward races and migration of the
    Phœnicians. Although my focus is on the Tuatha De Danaans, I have had to explore for other...
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    Hi Did You See Them: See the link to posts #30 and Bill's #40. These are identical. They have been repeated twice on this thread.

    The link posts have the transcripts for the YT vid of the...
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    Hi Bill,

    This was posted yesterday at Post #30 of the Gevaerd video and transcript.
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    Deneon, I got a private email today from Thiago Luiz Ticchetti in Brazil,

    As Gevaerd said, we tried to collect all the information related to this fact (in fact it seems that there was no fact)...
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