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  1. Re: The Calm Before the Storm... or is the Storm now here?

    I moved away from the beach to get away from the storms. Now I live in the mountains, but still get the damn things. Instead of flooding, I get trees coming down on my house (ducking, as I watch for...
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    A NASA astronaut has claimed he once saw an "alien-like, organic object" floating outside his space...
  3. Re: The Mysterious Flattened Mountaintop of Monte Alban, and its Ancient Pyramid City

    Very interesting, thankyou for posting. I had never heard of this site before.
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    Re: Help with debilitating insomnia

    Thanks, Cardinal. I did have my thyroid checked a number of years ago and the results were normal. However, i also know that these tests are notoriously unreliable. I believe there is a more reliable...
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    Re: Help with debilitating insomnia

    If you can, get your thyroid checked. If it is not functioning properly, this will cause insomnia and other symptoms. It is unfortunate that Melatonin is illegal in the Uk. I use 10 mg to help me...
  6. Re: A US' Night of The Long Knives... Growing Close, Very Close

    I don't see any long knives coming out YET...I believe that the blowback will come during the fall elections. I think even Democrap supporters are getting tired of the BS. And maxine has a history of...
  7. Study reveals reason aliens may be snatching stars & caging them in megastructures

    Alien civilizations may be forced to capture stars and harness their energy using ginormous structures – all to keep themselves...
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    Re: Name Three Good Things About Yourself

    Love this! especially the dating software suggestion.
    I am

    strong (emotionally)
    a tactical thinker
    available ;-)
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    Landmark new research that involves analyzing millions of DNA barcodes has debunked much about what we know today about the evolution of species.

    In a massive genetic study, senior research...
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