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  1. Re: Jordan Maxwell Belongings Burnt to the Ground June 18th 2014!

    We all experience tragedy, it's the help and love that follows that get's us through.
    Sent him $10. Not much but it's all I can do right now.
  2. Thread: Michael Tsarion

    by kenaz

    Re: Antipathy to Nature Michael Tsarion part 3

    Hi Jerry...
    Are you familiar with Michael's facebook pages (4)? There you can discuss and post with Michael himself and others.

    MTSAR Conspiratorium

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    Michael Tsarion's master class on Tarot symbolism continues with an analysis of the Empress.
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    Michael Tsarion's master class on Tarot symbolism continues with an analysis of the High Priestess.

    Michael Tsarion The Path of the Fool
    In this episode Michael takes questions on...
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    We now have the second video in the series. The Magician.
  6. Re: Robert Stanley interview with a psychiatirst, schizophrenia - possible archon influence

    I really enjoyed this interview. Very interesting!!!
    Thanks for posting.
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    Here is the first video in this series. The Fool.
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    Here is a brief intro to the series. Michael will have The Fool in this coming week.
    Get excited, this should be great!!
  9. Re: Incoming 'Moby Dick' asteroid goes missing near Earth

    We can watch a parking lot 24/7 but they can't keep a telescope trained on a near-earth incoming astroid?
    Something sounds a little off. Why haven't those other telescopes that use a different...
  10. Re: The "not so perfect" twin-flame / twin-soul relationship

    This answers some questions, thanks!
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    I will upload all 22 videos as Michael creates them. That way all 22 major arcana tarot cards will be available in one place.
    This will be an amazing resource for everyone interested in the tarot!...
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    PLEASE NOTE: The first video (THE FOOL) in this series has been uploaded to post #14.
    The second video (THE MAGICIAN) is at post #15
    The third video (HIGH PRIESTESS) is at post #16
    The fourth...
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    Re: changing physical appearance

    Don't forget the change needs the observer. There may be a continuum depending on who is looking.
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    Re: I don't know if this works...

    Hello FF...
    I have read and reread your post(s). You are too smart to fall for platitudes so I'll skip the pep talk. I noticed a few things. Why do you have low self-esteem?
    Nothing I have ever...
  15. Re: INSANE! Demons Behind Famous Magic Tricks? See For Yourself!

    Explain the difference.
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    Re: Gummy Bear song - seriously twisted

    Its very easy to become sensational about these kinds of propositions, however there is a fundamental difference between creating synthetic gelatine in a lab that may inherit traits of human...
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    Re: Gummy Bear song - seriously twisted

    Damn my one vice (gummie bears) and now this...

    Gummy Bears, Pharmaceutical Drugs And Vaccines Made Out Of People
    By Michael Snyder, on November 7th, 2013
  18. Re: Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz***Very fun!!!

    Hi Kimberley...
    "Which gas makes up most of the Earth’s atmosphere?"
    That's the same question I got wrong. Looking at the graph below it was the most missed.
    But it did the rest right!
  19. Thread: Empaths

    by kenaz

    Re: Empaths

    Where there is pain and sadness there is also joy and laughter. When I see/feel someone I tap into the
    latter and expand it to the surface. I help to remember. It is all perspective. So when a...
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    Re: Petitions you will not believe getting signed.

    I just wonder how crazy the petition has to get before no one signs or
    will there always be people who will follow directions without hearing or thinking?...
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