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    Re: Explosion in Oslo

    He probably likes coffee too, does that make every coffee drinking person a potential psycopath? Heh...but you're right, just have to be something to blame.

    I guess the worst part is, with the...
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    Re: Explosion in Oslo

    Too much chaos to say anything for sure right now, I think we just have to remain vigilant and let the initial shock settle. I'm not surprised or shocked that something happened, I've been waiting...
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    Re: Anomaly in the sky - a spiral in New Zealand

    I can't take these photos seriously to be honest.
    They are too easily manipulated with easily accessible software, and given that so many people just love to make a fuzz over stuff like
  4. Thread: I find it funny

    by Lucrum

    Re: I find it funny

    I know what you mean, and I've countered this by slowly bringing them into the loop. Test the waters, are they subjectable to shocking info?
    Throw out a bait, see if they get interested and maybe...
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    Re: The sun has eclipsed...

    One thing bugs me about the usage of STEREO pictures as proof of anything:
    It's satellites, communications with them can be disrupted and corrupted.

    Also, some of the videos showing this eclipse...
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    Re: Radiation Interaction Theory

    Radiation is a general term, but there are different types. It could be magnetic, it could be infra red, ultra violet, gamma, beta or alpha.
    The sun burns us with UV radiation and we are exposed to...
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    Re: EMV's / UFO's all around the sun this morning.

    It's interesting, but I have a problem with the fact that the pictures have a high probability of "artifacts" due to several reasons. Bursts of energy, magnetism, malfunction (temporary) or just...
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    Re: Time Cube (Gene Ray)

    Went to his, just wow. Endless scrollbar with a wall of text containing the strangest sentences I've seen in a while.
    To my surprise: Next Page!!
    Another endless scrollbar with the...
  9. Re: The UK is in the grip of one of the coldest starts to December in more than 20 ye

    Sure is cold these days, but it's kinda wierd for me to see all the problems the snow and cold gives people in countries that aren't really that far away from Norway.
    We are at a steady -13C to -15C...
  10. Re: Ancient Mayan "Space Vehicle" Reverse Engineered.

    Very cool! :thumb:

    If not completely reverse engineered, it's an excellent proof of concept well worth looking more into! ;)
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    Re: Poo shows we are in deep poo

    Good article there Fred! :thumb:

    However, it doesn't surprise me one bit. There is not a single security system in the world that can't be broken. Some may still remain unbroken, but it's just a...
  12. Re: Not sci-fi anymore: experts find way to hold antimatter

    Very cool indeed!:thumb:

    Now they could seriously start thinking about using the design that Michio Kaku explored in the series called Physics of the impossible. :)

    (Let's just pretend for a...
  13. Thread: Nasa 2010

    by Lucrum

    Re: NASA Announces Televised News Conference for "discovery of exceptional object..."

    You would be correct in assuming it would be 50,000,030 years old, but that it was first discovered in 1979 as a supernova making the visible time around 30 years in earth time. So the light took...
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    Re: Koran burning hysteria

    This is indeed a very sad story, and seeing how well it works on people around me is not a nice thing to watch.

    All parties talk about respect and honor, yet none of them knows what those words...
  15. Re: UFO FINALLY!! 2010 100% UFO PROOF, Day time footage UFO Craft

    If I were to elaborate on this, I'd not say lights would strictly be a human thing...that's a little bit too general in my opinion.
    However, it is a huge tactical disadvantage to fly around in a...
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    Re: Where Are the Aliens? Fermi Paradox Redux

    I've had that thought many many times, generally triggered by our common belief that atoms, solarsystems, galaxies and the whole universe seems to behave in a similar fashion.

    But it gets sorta...
  17. Re: Japanese Supertanker damaged in the Strait of Hormuz

    Either hidden, or they honestly don't know what hit them.

    Some sort of kinetic energy weapon maybe? Then I mean without a shell, just the energy...maybe transfered by very low frequency soundwaves...
  18. Japanese Supertanker damaged in the Strait of Hormuz


    Read more here....

    Fairly odd the damage in the hull of that ship, anyone that makes any sense out of what you can see in the picture and read in the article?
  19. Re: New Oil Leak in Gulf Of Mexico (Just one of the pipes, small leak)

    So, if I get this right...

    Oil wells are small non-marked "tubes" breaching the surface of the water so it is hard to see and most definitly will get hit by something sooner or later?
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    Re: Blackout in Manchester U.K

    A powerful electromagnetic storm would overload and potentially fry electronic circuitry, which is why there is plans to shut down the grid if a major storm is about to hit earth. By reducing the...
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