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    Re: Gigi Young on the Greys

    I understand what Gigi is trying to say. I am not sure of the source of my info on this topic (some of it is from Dan Burisch), but I believe the theory is that the 'gray'-ish looking ETs, or...
  2. Re: Angels Are Real And Much More Fun To Write About

    I talk to the angels regularly. When I am having difficulty in figuring something out, or getting something to work, I say 'I am having a hard time with this. How to make this work?'. Almost, if...
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    Re: GCMAF Immunotherapy for Cancer

    This Wikipedia link goes to great lengths to 'debunk' the use of gcmaf. Perhaps a rebuttal would help?

    "GcMAF actually kills cancer dead.".
  4. Submerged Ruins off the west coast of Cuba

    Around the year 2000, underwater scans by Paula Zalitzki and her team discovered what appears to be the ruins of an ancient city at a depth of half a mile. These ruins include megalithic structures...
  5. Re: Nanoparticles and Magnetism Could Perform Incredible Things

    I suppose some risks may occur with use of nanoparticles, however, if the extraction tech removes all of them, then the risk of misuse is minimized.
  6. Nanoparticles and Magnetism Could Perform Incredible Things

    Nanoparticles and Magnetism can be used for multiple beneficial purposes. Magnetic nanoparticles can be attached to foreign objects then extracted using electromagnets. In this case it's disease...
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    Re: Q posting about Project Looking Glass

    What little I have seen of Q is exactly as Bill describes it, vague, hope raising, unverifiable hot air. To me it's a total waste of time.

    Project Looking Glass points to how a psychopathic...
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    Re: Fenbendazole protocol for Cancer

    We use dog de-wormer, Curcumin, echanacea, hemp oil, amongst other things to keep breast cancer at bay in my mother-in-law. The conventional treatments would have killed her.
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    Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    Bill, you are right, this is not going to happen. We will be continuing on into a relatively peaceful future, eventually evolving into a spiritual society in which, in the far future, every member...
  10. Re: Germany's Deutsche Bank has reportedly filed bankruptcy

    DB's derivatives exposure is also something that is keeping those that know the extent of it, awake at nights.[/QUOTE]

    I have worked on Basel 2 compliance projects for some large Canadian banks,...
  11. Re: Global Population is headed down, not up!

    I think that the commentator in this video misconstrues some of the info from the Bloomberg article, he appears right in saying that the population won't go up another 3billion by 2100. He...
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    Re: Snowden says US gov isn't hiding aliens

    And how is it he missed the secret space program that people like Bill Uhouse worked on (see separate thread)?
  13. Re: Falun Dafa Practitioner Astral Projects to an Alien Planet

    For some reason, this account seems believable. Remote viewing has been confirmed to be able to see far distant worlds and distant time periods. The description of this world and its inhabitants...
  14. Bill Uhouse: a fascinating disclosure witness

    Bill Uhouse, a retired US marine pilot, worked on flying disk flight simulators, met and conversed with an alien on design issues, flew in a human built flying disk, etc. He indicates that the Ufo...
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    Re: Snowden says US gov isn't hiding aliens

    Snowden is part of the 'whistleblower' crowd who uses the fame from his 'revelations' to seed other misinfo into the public realm. Case in point, 'there is no contact between the u.s. government and...
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    Snowden says US gov isn't hiding aliens

    Snowden says climate change is real and chemtrails are not. He says that the US gov has no contact with aliens. Would Richard Dolan agree? Is Snowden part of the 'controlled opposition'?

  17. Re: The Grey "Jeremy" posting through the individual Dawn65

    Nothing mentioned about spirit, or higher self. As stated above, nwo agenda regurgitation. Interesting that they were pointing to less government, reduced or no military spending, working from home...
  18. Re: New electric batteries with hugely extended mileage

    I think these types of high efficient electrical devices are swamping the market. I read research 5 years ago of cheap carbon based batteries that are much more efficient than lith-ion and more...
  19. Re: Bank of Canada considers eliminating cash to better track individuals

    This is very sad, Tomkat! It appears that the millennial generation can be fairly easily duped into supporting egregious tech like this, or the fake science behind gender identity or the fake...
  20. Bank of Canada considers eliminating cash to better track individuals

    Do we really want to have cash eliminated so that Big Brother can track our every financial transaction? I think not.

    The Bank of Canada is considering launching a digital currency that would...
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