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    Re: Discussion about Q Thread Temporary Closings

    OK, so I'm posting here because apparently, the great Bill Ryan had a hissy fit.

    Ummm, No. What happened is you got what the younger folks call "butthurt". The man was not "bullying" you, or...
  2. Re: Women's health and Kavanaugh's stance on women's health, birth control and abortion

    It seems almost all of the women I know that have had abortions, have not just had one or two.

    So what about the women that have had a dozen or more? In effect using it as a form of birth control....
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    Re: Social Engineering

    Even though Nawlins has some amazing history, and creole food, I just get the feeling it is a wicked city. People looking you up and down seeing how they can take advantage of you type place. Sort...
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    Re: Social Engineering

    I don’t like the fact that they have these electronic “chips” in the cards nowadays.

    I feel like they are getting me used to being asked, “Do you have a chip”? Because that’s how thy always ask.
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    Re: David Wilcock's letter of resignation to Gaia TV

    I remember watching an interview of his last year where he was talking about the snake in the garden of Eden being the "good guy" in the Genesis story, and how Lucifer really is the "light bringer"...
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    Re: The Pervasiveness of Loss

    I am truly sorry for your loss. My spouse is my best and only true friend I have in this life and I would have no idea what to do with myself is she weren't here.

    I know there is nothing that I,...
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    Re: When You Feel Like Giving Up

    deleted for posterity.
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    Re: Underground bases

    Underground bases definitely exist. Most people who research this trying to discredit the idea turn out finding more evidence for their existence than not.

    However, I tend to take Wilcock and...
  9. Re: "IT" (the Deep State Takedown) is happening, according to David Wilcock

    I read most of his article. A lot of it seemed very emotional and full of conjecture. With interjections of his ego of course.

    Then a very long part talking about his upcoming pay to play events...
  10. Re: Government Accidentally Reveals Methods of Mind Control

    I just want to know, what the heck is a “forced caffeine field”?

    I think they can use this kind of stuff through people’s phones. Makes me want to get a landline and go back to the old days where...
  11. Re: Salmonella in US Eggs - Indiana - Recall issued

    Stories like this make me glad I have three hens who provide me with fresh eggs every day.

    Everyone should keep a few chickens around. They are one of the easiest animals to take care of as long...
  12. Re: *Viewer warning* New video clips may show John Podesta torturing a child

    But if somebody downloads it and watches it, could'nt you technically be arrested for child porn?
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    Re: On Earth As It Is In Heaven

    I am a Melanoma survivor and I am 100 percent convinced that I am alive today because of the power of prayer. Its been said that just the prayers of 10 people can avert a nation going to war.

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    Re: On Earth As It Is In Heaven

    As it is above, so it is below. It's reminding us that the microcosm and the macrocosm are reflections of each other
    Gods will is manifested at the largest and smallest scales.
    That's my...
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    Re: Seeking opinions on David Wilcock's credibility

    The first time I saw DW was on the Ancient Aliens show. Which "they" did a great job of using that show to put alot of disinfo/misinfo out to the general public.

    At first I was intrigued by his...
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    Re: Have A Merry Month (in advance)

    I'm not afraid to say it....

    Merry Christmas folks! And a Happy New Year!
  17. Re: Let's not get too misty eyed about Michelle Obama

    And I can just as easily find many who don't care and think its stupid to consider it an insult. (Myself included as well. My Grandmother was full blooded Blackfoot). So I fail to see your point.
  18. Re: Let's not get too misty eyed about Michelle Obama

    And yet, the Indian fellas aren't the ones who were upset about it.
    As always, it was some offended white person making a stink about it.
    Even a descendant of the real Pocahontas says she doesn't...
  19. Re: Let's not get too misty eyed about Michelle Obama

    Trump was not being racist.

    He was reminding people that "Pocahontas" lied about having Indian heritage and basically got the job because of her dishonesty. He was reminding people that she is a...
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