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    Re: Runny nose, congestion, coughing, etc.

    I was amazed that my mainstream, straight talking, conservative Doctor (O.D.) said to rub vicks vapo rub on my feet for congestion. I looked at him like I thought he was kidding. He said "try it,...
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    Re: Will we ever get REAL esoteric teachings?

    Just thinking here....

    It occurs to me that a person finds what he is looking for but receives what he needs.
    If you are not receiving what you are looking for then perhaps it's not what you need...
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    Re: Strange Bouts of Vertigo and Dizziness

    My friend had vertigo. At times she couldn't risk getting out of bed. She was treated in a clinic associated with a conventional hospital by being strapped on a flat bed and tipped side to side and...
  4. Re: Americans Preparing For Strong Possibility Of Violence On Election Day

    Although the original post is informative, I believe by taking photographs of incidents of the past and implying that "this is America as it will be" is not accurate.
    The results of the elections...
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    Re: Are You a Starseed? *Opinion Thread*

    Having read the criteria I can say without hesitation that I am not a star seed. I have no mission downloaded from another planet. I do have naturally curly hair however.
  6. Re: The Most Miraculous Blessing...or Monumental Curse! What would you do!?

    The money your friend won is his. Not yours. He's not obligated in any way to give it to anyone. You would not give away your salary. You would not give away your car or your new sweater.
  7. Re: 3 officers dead after shooting near Baton Rouge Police HQ

    I know we're in a time of increased violence and upheaval but why is 2017 especially significant?
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    Sticky: Re: Put Another Log On The Fire

    Here is my hand and a bit of my heart. I put them out in hope, too numb and tired to see if really there is any body there. Thank you for posting LostNFound.
    I still believe we are all here in...
  9. Re: ARCTURIAN LIGHTSHIPS ( genuine ET ship footage ) - Nightvision Gen3 NVG

    What elevation would they be flying at? What size is the ship? It's easy to forget that apparent size is relative to distance when looking straight up into the endless sky.
  10. Re: How to detoxify your liver with raisins and water in just two days

    Dried grapes are raisins. Dried currents are dried currents.
    Commercial white raisins are red grapes that have been chemically "bleached" and dried.
    Dried white grapes without chemical treatment...
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    Re: How Is Life In The USA Changing?

    Back to life in the USA.....
    I've noticed a change in people's security level. Over the years, 27 actually, in one company I noticed that supervisors and managers became scared to make a mistake,...
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    Sticky: Re: Put Another Log On The Fire

    Just got back to the thread and am wondering how everyone is doing. My life continues on. Mom is still alive though impaired by the stroke. She is in hospice care. I'm doing physical therapy on...
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    Re: The Truth about the 5th Dimension

    I agree with you. 5th dimension is a construct like 3rd dimension. Both conceived by human brains, explained by human brains and apparently sold to other human brains. I say no matter what...
  14. Thread: Immortality

    by Heartsong

    Re: Immortality

    Vektor, You are young. There will be a time when your body gives out and you will be thankful for physical death. Be careful what you wish for.
  15. Re: Reptilian "Mass Exit" Attempt, Massive Battle Fought on April 21st, 2016

    Anybody take pictures? What, no cell phones?
  16. Re: Depressing survey results show how extremely stupid America has become

    It's easy to say that 99.9% of the population is "dumb" because they don't play the violin. Or 99% of the population is dumb because they don't speak German. What's dumb anyway? One hundred and...
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    Sticky: Re: Put Another Log On The Fire

    Hallelujah! I think Mom's turned a corner. This afternoon she was able to swallow. She can have itty bitty bits of pudding and Ensure and ice chips. Thank you for all your prayers. I don't know if...
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    Sticky: Re: Put Another Log On The Fire

    Hello friends. I'm around the fire only briefly.

    Mom had a stroke on Wednesday. She is alert at times and can talk. We had a brief discussion of politics yesterday. Mostly she sleeps.
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    Re: My Nerves Are Shot. Now what?

    I hear you. I'm there too.
    For me I turn the music on and sing.
    I look at sewing patterns or think of projects I might do some day when things are better.
    I don't spend time with the TV...
  20. Re: Have You Been Seeing Crows Lately? What the Crow Symbolizes

    Every summer we have a least one set of nesting crows on our property. Nothing mystical has happened. They like to drink from the bird bath that's shared with the Stellar's Jay. One year we had...
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