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  1. Re: "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- and a call for a more benevolent leadership

    Thanks Paul.

    The Link you provided didn't work (it may be only temporary) but the paper is available on the "updates" page.

    ....having now read it.

    An extremely well written peice, and I...
  2. Re: love the Earth, we're all here now! make it count!

    Is there any particular reason you're starting this thread and another TWICE but in different sections ?
  3. Re: A very interesting video on 911 that cannot be debunked that I had never seen before....

    In my opinion, NO. But .......

    The BBC, due to their refusal to acknowledge what happened have made themselves co-conspitrators so they only have themselves to blame. Unfortunately though, too...
  4. Re: Thousands call for the North of England to become part of Scotland

    I've already more or less made up my mind to apply for Scottish nationality sould they become independent. Not sure how straightforward it would be though.

    Of course, if the North of England were...
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    Re: The Real Cause of Addiction

    Great insight.

    It in no way contradicts the work of Christina and Stanislav Grof, who hold addiction as ONE OF the main signs of spiritual emergence/emergency. In fact, the 2 ideas complement one...
  6. Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    You know, I've been wondering pretty much the same thing.

    Recently, my girlfriend had some problems, and she was looked after by a friend. The friend's parents were loving and kind to her, fed her...
  7. Re: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Rothschilds & British Royal Family Connections

    Thanks Steve, that's really cheerd me up ! Maybe the reason he spoke German with such a weird accent is that in truth he was a scouser !

    Liverpool, no, Minehead yes. Here's the evidence .....
  8. Re: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Rothschilds & British Royal Family Connections

    I stopped listening at ....... "Mao Zedong is an anagram of Edmund" :confused:

    Seeing as Mao himself introduced Pinyin transliteration, I don't see how it could be relevant as an anagram even if...
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    Re: Chinese Government Citizen Rating System

    Do you disagree with this ?

    Or this ?

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    Re: Chinese Government Citizen Rating System

    The blatant falsehood of this statement should give a good indication of the veracity of the rest of article.

    Very Corporate-Americentric. - In China, babies and toddlers wear trousers which...
  11. Re: The kogi and there message to "younger brother"

    Of the indigenous people I've met in my life, the Kogi are the ONLY ones who seem genuine and who still are able to honour their traditions. When I met them, in 2000, they were under threat from the...
  12. Thread: ayahuasca

    by mosquito

    Re: ayahuasca

    ... you said it !! :facepalm:

    I just have to catch a whiff of it and my stomach starts heaving.

    It's 7 years since my last journey, so I wonder what would happen now.
  13. Re: A truly radical agenda for the uk election

    Nice idea, but ..... who exactly are "we" ?

    It remains a nice idea until the people organise themselves and take action, not exactly a quality the modern British are renowned for !

    Glad to see...
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    Re: Exams are brainwashing us?

    The important thing is that you're aware of it. So, play the stupid game, knowing that's all it is; realise there's a finite amount of time you have to do it: hold on to who you are and don't get...
  15. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    I guess, what he is inferring here is that it's possible to live outside the survival bubble, that way they can't control you, which is feasible and doable. I know many people who have done it...
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    Re: Zahi Hawass Storms out of Debate

    Hilarious !!

    Truth 1 - 0 Dogma (own goal)
  17. Re: A final farewell to the Misty Project Avalon from one who has severed his head

    That was a beautiful post Bright.
    Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do. And thank you for being here.
  18. Re: Germanwings flight 4U9525 crash in Southern France

    I don't wish to speculate on the causes of this disaster, but simply wish to say that IF a pilot wishes to commit suicide, all they need to do is wait until a day off, go to a local airfield, rent a...
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    Re: RIP: Terry Pratchett

    What a sad loss to humanity, but we must be grateful that in his time here he made such a glorious and downright hilarious contribution to our collective happiness.

    One of the things that struck...
  20. Re: David Icke update on settlement......The Warman case is over - here is the background

    I've listened to what David had to say and I'm pleased he's managed to come out of this 13 year ordeal relatively intact. Yes - 13 years, can you imagine the stress he must have been under ?

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