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  1. Re: Motorcyclist Punishes Drivers for Throwing Garbage on the Street!

    Well true, not all motorcycles get awesome mileage, but many actually do.

    You may need some new motorbikes, yours are horribly inefficient :P. A Yamaha V-Star 1300cc Touring can get up to 78mpg....
  2. Re: Motorcyclist Punishes Drivers for Throwing Garbage on the Street!

    I hate liter bugs but motorcycles do not get 60+ miles per gallon unless it's 125cc or something so small it can hardly be ridden on the highway. My DL650 got at best 56 mpg with two teeth increased...
  3. Re: Skype Interview - Marine after 17 years on Mars authorized to reveal truth for US National Security

    I listened to one of his interviews months back, imo he sounds legitimate. Would love to talk to him in person...
  4. Re: Super Soldier Talk - John Stormm - Mkultra, Nazi Mind Brainwashing - August 10, 2014

    That's some tough stuff this guy went through. I was only used on the "other side," nothing in this realm. You've got to give these guys credit for making it through the program.
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    Re: >>> Is Liberalism A Mental Illness ?

    I do not see any difference in drone bombings/missile attacks and fully manned aircraft. The trigger is still pulled by a human and the result is the same.

    Communism (which is liberalism imo)...
  6. Re: Robert Stanley: Exposing Our Covert Controllers - Archons

    Had the good fortune of talking a bit with Alara, fantastic person and full of experiences! I'd put my faith in her stories...
  7. Re: Calling a New Generation of Bloggers and Alt Media

    I agree, take the people that are truly involved in their particular subject matter and let them put forth proven techniques with science and not 5th hand stories. People get mad at me when I say...
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    Re: Michael Tellinger : "We don't Need Money!"

    Michael Tellinger describes money (and all other forms like barter and trade) as a tool that has been used to enslave us. David Wilcock calls it 'Financial Tyranny'.

    This is about the people...
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    Re: >>> Is Liberalism A Mental Illness ?

    The link is actually a good read. Here's something from the link that sums-up about everything:

    ..."What the liberal mind is passionate about is a world filled with pity, sorrow, neediness,...
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    Re: The Afterlife (Video)

    Because God is simply consciousness and does not interfere in our reality, just a recording device imo. The universal mind experience tends to lean toward this conclusion.
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    Re: Mayhem in Missouri Breaks Out

    I don't see how people cannot believe this is racial incitement. When a witness states she saw him with his hands in the air, his back to the cop, and on his knees while there are zero bullet wounds...
  12. Re: Family of Michael Brown, Teenager Shot to Death By Ferguson Police, Talks About His Life

    I personally believe that the people intentionally lying to incite violence need to be prosecuted and held financially responsible for the damages. Remember the girl saying she saw him on his knees...
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    Re: I'm an Earth Warrior

    Ok, I'm lost. What is an earth warrior? I see a bunch of freaks bouncing around in the woods saying they are earth warriors. To me a true earth warrior would be a scientist in a lab trying to find...
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    Re: Don't mention Dr. Judy Wood

    Just a little evidence that at least one of Judy's "beamed" cars was moved to a different location which suggest only fire damage.


    Richard Gage also withdrew his support of CIT...
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    Re: Counter Balance

    I'm afraid the thread is about dead, but there is still a great interest in your experiences!

    Concerning the church, there is a video by an ex-nun that tells of her experiences. They were...
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    Re: BASES 20 The New Humans with Mary Rodwell

    The video looks great but there is a high probability that these are Chinese laterns. While being a MUFON investigator these things were the worst at generating reports. All it would take is a...
  17. Re: You Can Now Get High-Speed Internet on the Moon

    This isn't exactly right, in certain areas you can get 1,000 meg (1gig) service to your home.
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    Re: The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction 1961

    The sad part is all of the "extra" details are not told openly. Abductions run their family but are not discussed openly.
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    Re: Fake kid at Boston Marathon "bombing"

    He is completely wrong about people knowing to leave an area during an event like that. During army basic training we were on a hike when the instructors hit the roadside with flash-bang and smoke...
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    Re: Counter Balance

    Wow, that's an interesting read! I've only had a couple of obe's and have tried to force them, but cannot.

    There's very little talk of the cat people. I remember seeing a lion looking man in the...
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