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    Re: Dark Eugenics Programs on Earth

    It's possible they can destroy one's existance in the future, if they eliminate/sterilize now to keep that timeline from happening. Example: Sterilize the brown people now, no brown people are in...
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    Re: Dark Eugenics Programs on Earth

    But it's never to late to stop doing so, nor to teach the children how to also, by visually showing them this election, how it's done without death or bloodshed. Simply research the politician and...
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    Re: Dark Eugenics Programs on Earth

    When they started collecting melanin, I started getting worried. When the suns are on par, it will be very very hot and glaring. Melanin helps to prevent skin cancers. The bodies natural oils and...
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    Re: Dark Eugenics Programs on Earth

    Are you male or female. How do you know it's not chemical imbalance or stress? A stressed chicken won't nest. Have you been trying to have a child? I'm open to any of the answers, as I've been in...
  5. Re: Jon Snow: Where our world 'leaders' have failed

    If any area in the world needed "Divine Intervention" it is this ancient port of trade that has been fought over for 30 centuries.
  6. Re: Jon Snow: Where our world 'leaders' have failed

    Heck yes these old codgers failed us on their watch and they need to be voted out. I can't express that any clearer. Those who sounded the alarms can stay but those who voted for it, have to go,...
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    Re: mi problem su problem

    Ran into one on the HuffPo while posting 2 days ago, had to reload the avaaz protection. Go to and get the free viral service. They update for free, and remove ALL virus, when you can't...
  8. Re: Israel Deliberately Targeting Children, Whole Families, Too Many Dead, Too Quickly to Count

    Poor country or rich nuke rogue nation expansion? Would the same question be held for N. Korea, Iran, or AQ(a terrorist nation w/in a nation) fighting the same religious war or firing at will into...
  9. Re: Malaysia Flight 17 Exposed! All The Evidence of A 'False Flag' Event!

    Ever since the Kiev PM or President said "she wanted to NUKE Putin" I've been very leery of anything coming out of there after that tapped call. She admitted she said it, so why wouldn't she have...
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    Re: My brain is only a receiver

    I don't know how else to convince you, other than to say: "In 1991, after death of the body during child birth, I was up in the corner of the room watching every thing being done, including the...
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    Re: Gaza: "what's happened to her eyes"

    As soon as the women pleaded with the world, "We have no place to go. All our homes are gone, there is only this hospital. Are we to stay at this hospital? This is all that is left that is safe for...
  12. Re: Folks, I need to ask an honest question of you please.

    Tell him about the old man on youtube, who videoed his cancerous neck tumor and treated it with garlic oil capsules, and treated it topicly around the base of the tumor. You could just bring your pc...
  13. Thread: Surrender

    by Lifebringer

    Re: Surrender

    This too shall pass, helps me. My guide when I get rattled, always tells me calm down, this too shall pass, and it's meant to be or they aren't awake yet, don't be angry. Especially w/family that...
  14. Re: EBOLA , AIDS , Bubonic Plague !!.....'Black death' kills man in China'

    They've been digging core ice in isolated graves outside of cities in UK and Siberia of earlier outbreaks of plagues, virus and other nasties. They are cornered and desperate and know the kill ratio...
  15. Re: BREAKING NEWS - Trans Asian Plane Crashes in Bad Weather in Taiwan, Killing 51

    Heavenly Father so many have lost their lives by plane in the last 3 months. So many hearts of families broken, and so many out there plotting the next tragedy. Father we need you to stop them. WE...
  16. Re: Wake Up Call! Chemtrail Reporting Forced on Mainstream Media

    Maybe that's what VP Cheney was burning in the VP office in 2005 or 04. But they're only finding out what to look for, because the people here and on YT sounded the truth trumpets and putshed. WE...
  17. Re: High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge

    Here's another bread crumb they found, that Bush 1 thought was "deleted" for good. 22 million docs on NWO president? Ooo, baby. This is the best and it's all there. Here's the link.
    It's dated...
  18. Re: Is Obama Plotting To Overthrow The United States?

    NeoCONS did a coup de tat, maybe he's trying to seize it back to the people w/out ssg knowing. It's that deep and this may be the check mate on them since BRICs announced and the ICC and Vatican are...
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    Re: Gaza is not going to exist!!!

    So the story of Moses being a Hebrew, is a lie. This was before the 7th century, right? So this doesn't make sense. Moses and the 10 Commandments and the Exodus a lie? Written by the Hebrews. ...
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    Re: Obama's Executive Order 13603

    Snopes and

    Uh huh? I think it was to seize the resources from the corporations now taking them via politician.
    Don't insult people who supported this President. He stepped in doo...
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