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  1. Re: Obama on Aliens: is he telling the truth, or joking?

    hahahaha. Jokes mixed in with subtle propaganda tricks. Just get some figure heads to do some coy patronizing....and people will submit on various levels.
    Smh, glad I stop watching t.v. a long time...
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    Re: The wisdom in asking dumb questions

    Children (all of us) were born with all the knowledge needed, they just seek confirmation to why their parents believe in the things that don’t really make sense. They are confuse to why reality is...
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    Re: Insider claims to meet with Blue Avian Humanoids on Giant Sphere

    Latest from DW suggests the Blue Avians are actually ... Ra ... from the Law of One Ra (which would suggest 6th density STO).

    Be that as it may ... and considering even we humans have the...
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    Re: Amazing list of all ET intruders

    Thanks, I too often wonder why more people doesn't realize this. Most (if not all) information concerning "Aliens" has a very "human like" tone to it. Reading posts describing what they see in a...
  5. Re: A very humanoid figure in Mars Rover photo

    The “Hunt for ET show” continues (but only to maintain the conditioning process). This is definitely a shadow of the rover, just look up pictures of the rover's frame. The eyes are playing tricks on...
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    Re: 16 Lessons from Bruce Lee

    This is an excellent video; it deserves more attention than what it’s currently receiving. It amazes me where the majority of us put our power….then wonder why things are the way they are. The lack...
  7. Re: 27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

    Yes, And it all starts from with in, first. That's just not some "new age" saying...Its the truth. What's in the world is a collective manisfestation. Changing a picture on the canvas is best done by...
  8. Re: 27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

    To be the exception is the choice I've made a long time ago. We should all feel this way. To experience hardship is also a choice made by the individual. Observing people suffering in will...
  9. Re: 27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

    There are billions of people in this world; there are not billions of jobs in this world. You have to be wanted/desired in order to get ahead. If you aren’t …your consideration will be in competition...
  10. Re: Independent filmmaker David Crowley + family in 'murder-suicide'

    Assassinated, or not isn't really the issue. It's always what happens after these presumed allegations.

    So, did they die in vain, did anyone do (or will do) anything about it? When there's no...
  11. Re: Does Honesty and Integrity matter anymore? ( Patriots caught again!)

    Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Victory is a subjective experience, what's worth it to you may not be for others... winning the superbowl or winning the heart of someone you...
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    Re: Very odd object fimed in NYC area

    This could be anything and filmed anywhere. It could be from a movie, from a kids project, a prank, a balloon, a Chinese lantern, and what I really think it is....A Kite.

  13. Re: 27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

    Hmmm… I’m not experiencing much or any of this in my life, but I’ve been seeing and hearing about these same inequalities and plights way before Obama, there’s nothing new here. I do agree with him...
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    Re: Happy New Year

    Same to you. It's going to be my best year yet. I got so much done last year and I can hardly wait to get into the first quarter of the new year. All the planning, positive thoughts, staying away...
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    Re: How the elite stay in power.

    They are in power simply because we allow them to be in power.

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    Re: The White Light After Death

    haha. The dead tells no tales.

    How can a person "alive" have the ability to describe anything that happens after death? We can only assume...

  17. Re: Tool to Figure out Deeper Truths of the Universe [ET Lesson]

    “When saying balance applies to all things, I was not meaning everything is balanced. Just that ultimately everything is involved in balance.”

    You can fill a box up with water and oil and it will...
  18. Re: Tool to Figure out Deeper Truths of the Universe [ET Lesson]

    I agree that you cannot learn of good if you didn’t have the bad to define it. Evil exist solely to test the righteousness and fortitude of man/woman. You can’t learn the...
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    Re: I have shame

    This is how the manipulators work. They induce fear into the mind, enough so that the mind is hesitant in reacting to what is actually hindering it. When you think your safety is threatened because...
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    I’m curious…

    When you look into your telescope…can you confirm that you see planets/stars …or that you think you see giant orbs of what appears to be planets/stars?
    Can “you” also confirm (for...
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