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  1. Re: Bilderberg 2015: Full Attendee List & Agenda

    You can find a lot of these names on if you want to see what boards they chair.
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    Re: Sci Fi/ Fantasy Adult Chick Flicks

    Generation P
    (Based off the book by Victor Pelevin)


    You can generally find the subtitled version online.
    ...and just because it's awesome (also by Pelevin) Buddha's Little...
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    Re: Hey Marty, The Hoverboard is here...

    It's pretty cool, but I feel they're kind of misleading people. The whole park was built with magnetic track lines. It won't work on just cement.
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    Re: How To Regrow Receding Gums?

    Selene posted this some time ago; I've no experience with it, but it may be worth trying.
  5. Re: Arctic Navy UFO Photos 1971 - A Short Analysis

    Jimmy Church has been talking about these photos on his show and had the guys on who released it. Everyone's being cautious going forward, a very good idea considering recent events, but they did...
  6. Re: Google Chrome is listening /eavesdropping to you.

    It might also be useful data towards voice recognition in environments of variable noise levels.

  7. Re: 800-year-old Buddhist statue of goddess with a thousand hands restored to former glory

    There's a long story of Guanyin- Chenrezig- Avalokiteshvara ( Chinese - Tibetan - Sanskrit ) and how the Bodhisattva in training ( in his 'times' ) made a resolution to save all sentient beings but...
  8. Re: Saturn Matrix Rings - Celestial Mechanics

    Or maybe CERN is our equivalent to those rings :P

    I don't know if you've seen it but this interview was interesting in relation to the "craft".

    Richard Hoagland even put forward...
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    Synchromysticism - EthanMax88

    I stumbled upon this guys work recently and find it very interesting. He's applying the idea of synchronicity to "stars" and using it in an interesting way. I have no conclusions to draw, I just...
  10. Re: Eric Dollard: "All the theories collapse when you can't see the stars in outer space, there is no such thing as time delay"

    "there's no nuclear furnace in the middle,there's none of that, that's understood. when i studied this stuff at senoma[?] state that's understood, but they have to continue this popular image...
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    Re: Giza Death Star: Under DoS attack?

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    oops, nvm, Cider got it :)
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    Re: The Nines (2007)

    Watched this movie a few times, it's really good. Little drawn out at parts, but the theme is great.

  14. Re: Kerry Cassidy, Proj. Camelot LIVE on air 17 / 3 / 15 Ep. 222 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church

    Not only did Kerry do F2B but Jimmy did an interview with her as well.

    C2C/DarkMatter owned by clear channel. [now iHeart "media"]

    C2C : Kerry: "I happen to know...
  15. Re: NBC Prediction That We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin by 2017

    I should clarify. I do not believe 'the chip' is coming. I've been reading conspiracy forums since I was 13 and this RFID thing has been continuously popping up in the background.

    You saw the...
  16. Re: NBC Prediction That We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin by 2017

    What can RFID do that smartphones aren't already doing?
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    Re: Proposal: Investible Basic Income Guarantee

    I like your idea a lot. Money is like blood, it has to keep moving for a healthy system. Mass accumulation is a clot.

    Money being spent in the "basic necessities" sector is also, as far as I can...
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    Re: An Inner Core Within Earth's Inner Core

    Data sets can be modeled in different geometries. You can model three, linear, points on a sin wave just as easily as you can model them on a straight line.

    Sometimes you need more data,...
  19. Thread: Strange Map

    by noprophet

    Re: Strange Map

    Best shot I could get, turned the contrast up a little to try and make the words more legible / lines darker.

    I'm with you guys, I can't really...
  20. Re: Culture is a Cult! Etymology of Culture/ Society: Cult- Ur

    I actually really enjoy these word games...

    Like Circe and El is how you make a circ-el.
    Or the Ovum of Aries are the ovaries. (note the horns)
    Probably the raM of Mar(s).
    Maybe not the horns...
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