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  1. Re: 'UFO Shoots Down Helicopter' (a Tom DeLonge Tweet)

    no. you would be lying, and your false info would be part of a mass distraction currently underway, trying to ascertain if the deep state could pull off some sort of fake UFO/alien disclosure, in...
  2. Thread: Amazing Songs

    by bearcow

    Re: Amazing Songs

    my favorite mashup
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    Re: A Moral Obligation To Do What's Meaningful

    Did Rosa Parks set out to live some "meaningful" life when she resolutely kept her bottom parked in her bus seat that fateful day? I highly doubt it, It's far more likely that she just said to...
  4. Re: National Solar Observatory, USPS office in Sunspot, NM evacuated for 'safety reasons'


  5. Re: How hard is it to stick to your own opinion?

    people would be much better off realizing just how ignorant they are and simply choose to have no opinion on most subject matter outside their field of experience.
  6. Re: SAMSUNG - Erase your memories so you can rewatch your favorite shows as if for the first time.

    They are using some basic programming techniques, I suggest people google the term spin alters or spin programming
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    So now, the best scientists the democratic party can afford are now hard at work trying to prove that all matter is, in fact, racist.
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    Re: Dark Journalist: Nixon's ET Time Capsule

    I am a fan of Dark Journalist and believe he is earnest. But there are numerous red flags in Merritt's story.
  9. Re: Bitcoin, the war on cash, Clif High, and the NSA's long range plans

    I think you won't get any more proof than this that the elite are NOT behind the cryptocurrency phenomenon.
  10. Re: Bitcoin, the war on cash, Clif High, and the NSA's long range plans

    Dimon is the fraud, not bitcoin. The very fact that this dirt bag is out slamming it shows that the banking elite is not positioned to co opt the crypto currency market. They like the fiat system...
  11. Re: Apocalypse soon? The interesting story of 'Commander Z'

    This reeks of dis info, the guy being interviewed confesses to having never met Commander Z face to face.

    Would you go out on a limb and be the face man for a story such as this if you never met...
  12. Re: Jerry Marzinsky, Mental Health Counselor: "Voices are Entities" 1/2

    probably less than 1 % of "voices" heard in peoples heads actually come from incorporeal entities. The space of consciousness one experiences when going between waking and sleep states is the place...
  13. Re: Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Program Insider

    excellent audio. They were experimenting with this technology to set up a one world religion as well. As their chosen messiah would speak about various types of empty spiritual platitudes, they would...
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    Re: Laura Eisenhower's claims: who is she, really?

    You know bill some might say you bear a striking resemblance to Winston Churchill, hiding something?

  15. Re: Wands of Horus - its technology, Seeking for more information

    These things work but I must say there is a lot of woo woo nonsense associated with them, on this thread and by the people making them for a commercial enterprise. The why in terms of how they work...
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    Re: Is Meditation Demonic?

    After repeated consideration i would have to say yes.[/QUOTE]

    Well, that explains a few things. My mother packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for me every day for lunch when I was a...
  17. Re: Privileged Dutchman about Child sacrifices, The Occult, Luciferianism etc. [Ronald Bernard, English Subtitles]

    mandatory viewing!
  18. Re: Trump : Bad government and bad business skills all in one.

    If there has been any president in modern history that loosely reflects the sum total of the American state of mind, Trump comes the closest. So in that sense, he is very much the president that...
  19. Re: Does anyone feel 'Water Energy' in their bodies?

    fear dissipates water chi. so it is logical that an abundance of it would help alleviate a panic attack. Focus the water energy on the front half of the brain, then once your anxiety subsides, bring...
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    Re: Ransomware Attack - Worldwide (12 May 2017)

    wonder how many people were dumb enough to pay the ransom
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