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    Re: Why intelligent people fear the truth

    I particularly appreciate his reference to chess, as I personally think in a similar manner.

    The manifold powers have had a very long time to get their game right. I get the impression that the...
  2. Re: Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About!

    I am pleased to see this mentioned in and around RW's death; who 'commits suicide' by asphyxiation? I suppose hanging, but that seems awfully contrived. A belt? Please!

    What is more interesting...
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    Re: The Eight Stages of Ego Death

    Far be it from me, but I 'love' how the ego is so besmirched, defamed, and demonized. There are those who would claim that the ego is responsible for all the ills of the world,... without realizing...
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    Re: Asking for your help

    Besides! It's all bollux anyway!

    IIRC Carlos Castaneda describes such feelings as the state of being (something along the lines of) 'pregnant' with a new and exciting revelation, disposition, or...
  5. Re: How does this category work regarding healing others?

    There are a number of threads that involve requests for healing, some in the Spirituality -> Healing subforum, but a good place to start is here:...
  6. Re: Such sad news... Robin Williams has died at 63

    It is far too early to rule out the situation having been other than suicide, I wholeheartedly agree with your thinking on that. A whole lot of royalties and franchise rights just exchanged hands,...
  7. Re: Such sad news... Robin Williams has died at 63

    Oh Captain my Captain.
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    Re: A Working Theory on Universes/Multiverse

    I don't know that my theory either agrees or disagrees with yours, they seem compatible though.

    If you will direct your attention to my avatar; that is everything. That is the shape of the...
  9. Sticky: Re: The Faces of Avalon - new YouTube channel for forum members

    <8> was kind enough to providentially drop this juicy nugget in a new thread, and since it rings as the overall solution (in general if not in particular) to the quandry previously mentioned, I...
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    Re: Just a thought..

    What you have expressed is consistent with my experience and with dialogues involving extra-dimensional entities. It really is as simple as thoughts, and the more individuals who think so, the...
  11. Re: Russell Brand accuses Sean Hannity of fueling prejudice against the Palestinians

    Really? THAT'S what you went with? X_X`
  12. Re: What Obama Called His Wife Has Many People Talking

    IF 'Michelle' Obama IS in fact a transgender individual, it would speak volumes as to the absolute (and ridiculous IMO) level by which his candidacy and presidency is contrived. It would mean his...
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    Re: The Colleen Thomas "Contactee" Case

    Am I to interpret that you are admitting a limit to your understanding/awareness, and that there might be possibilities above and beyond what you have consciously entertained? Are you admitting that...
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    Re: Ready to share your fears?

    Psych wards; I have always had a lingering fear of being imprisoned or "committed" within a psych ward, force-fed all manner of brain-altering chemicals, and where one's every word - not matter how...
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    Re: Being Authentic...

    First dates? :p

    I agree with the statement of the OP, however as a caveat I must point out that there are individuals on the planet for whom "Insufferable obstinacy" is an expression of being...
  16. Thread: Surrender

    by Shezbeth

    Re: Surrender

    If referring to 'acknowledging and resigning one's self to the fact that there are circumstances, aspects, and details to life that are beyond one's control', then I agree. There is only one thing...
  17. Re: 'V', the Guerrilla Economist, posts the most important information he's ever shared (4* General reveals 'The Plan')

    I agree, though if I may borrow from Carlos Castaneda;

    It is not over until Death touches you. Until then, the game is on. :becky:
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    Re: The Best Foods Ever

    Grilled Zucchini with olive oil, little salt(if desired), and garlic is fantastic[/QUOTE]

    Agreed, though a bit of crookneck squash will not ruin the dish either. ^_~
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    Re: Gaza is not going to exist!!!

    If you are unwilling to recognize the possibility that all the stories in question might be fabrications, that is your prerogative. Be that as it may, the issue at hand is the wholesale slaughter of...
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    Re: Obama's Executive Order 13603

    A proper utilization of strategy, tactics, and familiarity/utilization of geography and location can defeat (resist) a superior armed and populated opponent. Mind controlled military is comparable...
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