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    Re: Weird voicemail left on cell phone

    Where in the world does he live? If danger SOS then something should already happen. As far as I noticed, it seems fine the last few weeks.
  2. Re: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Jordan Peterson's New Book

    nice interview! I'm curious about the book already.
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    Re: Secrets Of Silicon Valley (BBC2)

    Even though this tragic happen, I doubt that they would stop developing automatic cars. Uber will find another reason to support this development, saying it's necessary for human life
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    Re: This tree is not your friend

    Thanks for sharing, Jesus, I think I saw this tree few times on my Thailand trip. Or maybe it's just a similar type of tree...don't know.
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    Re: Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    Ah ha the powerful VPN! yeah I have VPN extension installed on my browser so I'm quite secured if I stream movies on other websites than Netflix. So I signed up for a free trial of both Netflix and...
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    Re: The answer is within

    As I interpreted "the answer is within", it means we know the answer ourselves, we just choose to follow it or not, it likes "follow your heart or follow your brain". Hope I understood correctly.
  7. Re: Cancer killing/Killing Cancer ~ My Heart Path

    I would say it's best to take medicine while maintaining a good routine of exercise.
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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    Oh thanks for sharing. I'm always interested in Maya culture and their mystery, this could be a good book in my collection.
  9. Re: I saw a grid in the night sky once. Anyone have any idea what it could have been?

    Not sure what you're talking about but I believe it's true. I saw the grid in the sea once though, similar to the photo above. But in the gotta see it!
  10. Re: Is the Answer to Phone Addiction a Worse Phone?

    Well just delete all game apps, chat apps, social media apps on your phone then it will be nothing better than a basic Nokia of the 90s. I did that myself, so even I have a good phone, I don't use it...
  11. Re: Stephen Hawking died today (14 March 2018, UK time)

    Believe me, I first knew who is Stephen Hawking through the movie "The Theory of Everything" and started to look up about him. Then I was amazed by his work and achievements. So yes of course today,...
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    Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    Hello lovely people!
    I'm pretty sure that most of you stream movies on Netflix but what's about Amazon Prime? I have a coupon for it and can get discount on subscription price. So any idea which one...
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    Re: No Planes?

    I thought the plane was exploded into thousand pieces? But there is definitely a plane, I saw it with my own eyes...
  14. Re: Can you help me realize the children of tomorrow?

    I think kids nowadays are more conscious about the environment and how to protect it, which is a good sign. However the earth was ruined by us the adults already, I don't know if the next generation...
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