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  1. Re: Global Currency Reset (SDR's and the New Bretton Woods; by JC Collins)

    The export graph showing the downturn in shipments out of China coincides with the West Coast port strike, which backed up ships all the way to Asia. Stronger dollar means plenty of cargo coming here...
  2. Re: Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barcleys and RBS found guilty of rigging foreign exchange prices of U.S. dollars and euros from Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2013.

    Over $5.6B in fines paid by the banks and yet not one of these traders were charged criminally for rigging a market that effects everyone borrowing money.

    Amazing. I guess they were using aliases...
  3. Re: A very interesting video on 911 that cannot be debunked that I had never seen before....

    Building 7 and the lack of any aviation evidence at the Pentagon are the two smoking guns of 9/11. What happen over the sky of Shanksville, PA is subject to speculation, but these two events left me...
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    Re: How did you end up as a Project Avalon member?

    Been here wat too long to remember the exact instant I found PC when Bill was there. May have been 2006 or so.
    Glad I've been here though.
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, May 5, 2015

    Slight correction Ben.
    Dave Goldberg's wife Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. He was CEO of Survey Monkey and he did die due to blunt force trauma in a resort gym at the...
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    Re: Will we ever have a theory of everything?

    In general I don't believe we will see a TOE looking for it down the road of string theory or whatever the latest view from CERN.

    The basic fundamental building block of physics of searching for...
  7. Thread: Nyc ufo

    by mgray

    Nyc ufo

    Disregard the tongue-in-check reporting. I was in The Bronx on Saturday at Met-Yankee game. Unfortunately I did not see anything.
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    Re: Why Walmarts Are Closing World Wide

    The reason for the locations of the WalMart closings has to do with union organizing. According to National Labor Relations Board filings these stores had strongest union presence and highest pro...
  9. Re: Kerry Cassidy with Richard Alan Miller And Bob Dunn RE: Coming Changes

    Hi mray,

    I’m not sure why you feel sorry for Richard Allan Miller. FYI: he shared in one of his interviews that he’s autistic. Hope this helps clarify some things.

    Enjoy your day,
  10. Re: Kerry Cassidy with Richard Alan Miller And Bob Dunn RE: Coming Changes

    Wow, feel sorry for Richard Allan Miller.
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    Re: Using Economics to explain Physics

    The one problem I have with the OP video is that the professor's opening premise is that the banks exert no mass on the electrons circling since there is no exchange rate.

    Banks take a vig...
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    Re: Francis expects time as Pope to be brief

    Pope Francis knows he has many enemies within the Vatican. His acts and thoughts on reform have many sects from the Vatican Bank to the practice of celebrate priests and life-long positions within...
  13. Re: A 2009 Open Letter to President Obama: "YOU SCARE ME"

    You don't scare me, but what the hell are you doing? should be the rubric.
  14. Re: Oxford Club predicts Federal Reserve will announce end of cash on March 18, 2015

    I looked at the Oxford Club and George Rayburn a member as well as marketing pro for Oxford. It's a come on for their alt investment fund to "protect" you on March 19.
    Nothing to see here, move...
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    Re: Variable VS Fixed Mortgage rates?

    The one thing you have going for you is the strong looney. I believe the Bank of Canada may have to cut that rate in order to help its exports against other countries cutting their rates.
    Just a...
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    Re: Economic jubilee and biblical cycles

    No I do not think that investors are being smote by an angry god either. But I do believe that the rhythm of boom and bust in the economy and markets may follow a similar cycle.
    I will keep my eye...
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    Economic jubilee and biblical cycles

    In this 20 min. video the author Jonathan Cahn writer of "Mystery of the Shemitah" shows the 7-year cycle of boom and bust and how 2015 is a super Shemitah, which generally culminates in...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Bill Ryan !

    Happy Born On Date, Bill
  19. Re: The end the Fed movement is a major, long term, well financed psyop.

    As a larger and larger percentage of the US population receive federal government payments -- many in the form of digital currencies such as debit cards -- the idea of moving to an alt system outside...
  20. Re: NYT columnist David Carr drops dead just hours after interviewing Edward Snowden

    I knew David. He smoked still and abused crack cocaine earlier in life.
    Like many creative souls he fought demons.
    The drugs and smoking did too much physical damage to his heart, but never...
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