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  1. Re: I'm talking Trump and a whole host of issues in vid

    I have something positive to say about 45. Executive order signed Dec 21 2017.
  2. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Tom DeLonge loves to put the compass and sqaure freemason symbol on all his music equipment. Even the fret inlay of his guitar! That is real dedication and would have cost a lot of money too.
  3. Re: The inexplicable experiences of Chris Bledsoe

    Good point. Never feel alone, even when those around you do not care for such deep thought. Many people ask this question. Only if you have allowed yourself to think of god as an entity or person is...
  4. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    Not forgetting that Prince Charles was great friends with Jimmy Saville. Saville acted as marriage counselor to Charles and Diana! Not a far stretch to think Prince Andrew also was on a first name...
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    Re: Sean David Morton

    This was April 2019 scroll down for SDM bit. Extract: [First, Morton was on about how his self published books were so dangerous that the government cooked up...
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    Re: Sean David Morton

    How did I miss this? I guess it is because I only visit the Camelot Portal rarely these days. I am reminding myself of an old adage 'The tongue weighs so little yet few can hold it'
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    Re: Q posting about Project Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass with Phase Conjugation (LANL, 1982) mentioned in Mountain Jims post is tech that is used to look into vehicles or buildings for people or contraband. Similar to Back Scatter...
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    Re: List of introductory videos

    Dr John Coleman: The Committee of 300, A Conspirators Guide is not only a great introduction but also a thorough expose for the serious scholar.
    There are many, many that have not been refuted or...
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    Re: Baghdadi Killed, the Real Story

    Well Trump did say he may well release some of the video footage of this op. I can't wait! Congress just could not be trusted. No surprise there. It has gone rogue. When you have the likes of The...
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    Re: Who will win the US presidency in 2020?

    Ad hominums are easy and cheap. But that is okay, because I too am a clown. So I therefore resonate with 45. Why? Because sometimes I play the fool to fool the fools who think they're fooling me. But...
  11. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    Yes well Denise, I have offered it a few times but the sale never goes through. I would if I ever got a serious taker that it is a joke albeit a very serious one. The adage 'It is easier to fool...
  12. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    It is real. A real case of Progeria/ premature ageing disease.
  13. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    Why does the USA do this? Who else has anyone at all claiming to have UFOs and alien bodies in their possession? Even Rendalsham is a USA deal. So is the Australian sightings all centred around Pine...
  14. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    Okay, forget the gloves. CIA is the point really. Remember Disclosure Project witness Carol Rosin who was told by Werner Von Braun about the plan to build space based weapons. I just read about a 69...
  15. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    Of course anyone would handle alien material with their bare hands! Someone at the CIA says it is true though! Well then it must be because the CIA are completely trustworthy.

    Now about those...
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    Re: Coming out as a supersoldier on Camelot

    Ah yes, I remember you Joe Jupiter! (for small fee and if you'll remember me too) It's Uri Uranus here and I'd like to get in on the UFO speaking racket/circuit. I have someones elses book here that...
  17. Thread: C. Ron Garner

    by HaveBlue

    Re: C. Ron Garner

    Poor old Ron giving his death bed statement and handover of his archive to MUFON reps? and telling of his involvement with Dan B etc...was quite something!
    He was left wondering if his cancer was...
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    Re: GOTTA LOVE JOHN LEAR , at least 50/50

    To be fair John Lear states very clearly what he believes and why he believes it as opposed to what he knows for sure. Usually because he chooses to trust what someone else such as Lou Baldin tell...
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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    Thank you for the books people. Much appreciated.
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    Re: If there were no borders anywhere

    Pesky fact alert. Bio security. Think about that for not just a moment but really really hard until you can feel the heat coming off the crown of your head.
    Now post on how immoral and wrong borders...
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