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    Re: Worldwide Chemtrail Reporting by Avalon Members

    I've noticed a reduction in Chemtrails in Holland. Where there were hardly any clear skies last summer, it's different this year. I remember being confronted with chemtrails on a daily basis these...
  2. Re: Is the Moon an Intelligent Machine that Sees Everything?

    For those wishing to delve deeper into the subject:
  3. Re: The Avalon Library: which are the paradigm-shattering books?

    The books of Truman Cash, active on this forum too, really shattered my reality.
    Because it is firsthand experience and it goes into detail of the alien agenda and the methods used to control and...
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    Re: Orgone Generators: what works best for you?, this is a great site where I found all the information I needed to make good orgonite.
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    Re: Say No To Reincarnation And Remember Who You Are!

    It's funny WIND, because I get tired the other way around. I get tired of the 'we are all one' and 'everything is love' and 'the individual I does not exist' mantra's which are repeated again and...
  6. Re: My experience with the "Nano Particle Detox" treatment. Anyone try this yet?

    well if that's the case then we should have some pretty clear evidence to back up those claims, right?

    Nano-poisoning & "chemtrailing" currently doesn't have clear evidence to back the theories, &...
  7. Re: My experience with the "Nano Particle Detox" treatment. Anyone try this yet?

    I've made myself a bucket quite some time ago and I've used it quite a lot.

    The idea is that the wires wrapped around the bucket create a very strong electromagnetic field which destabilize and...
  8. Re: Connecting the Broken Circuits in Our Bodies to Prepare for the future

    The Ceremony of Unity begins spectacularly with the Iconic Terra Prana Star...the Heart Star. The ‘clay’...
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    Re: Has the wave begun?

    We are the wave-er and the wave. We have a big potential now to make a change as we are in a huge vulnerable position.
    We are moving in a new era any way, how it will look like is up to us. We...
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    Re: Jim Carrey swallowed the red pill

    The head of enlightenment is so much different than the heart of it.

    Talking about the concepts of enlightenment does not mean anything at all. Having the concepts right is the prime indication...
  11. Re: Connecting the Broken Circuits in Our Bodies to Prepare for the future

    Ceremony 3 made it on film, it's called the ceremony of sacred breath. You can do these ceremonies online for free (in chronological order).
    If you're looking for ways to kickstart your...
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    Re: Hormesis - Healing Yourself with Low Dose Radiation

    I learned a lot from Dawn. I think she already left when I arrived here on Avalon, but I have read many of her threads. She ignited a fire in me which is still alive today.
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    Re: Detoxing: worse before better?

    When detoxing, expect things to go unstable and worsen before they get better. Toxins sting twice, once when they enter the body; second when they leave.

    The healing crisis is a very necessary...
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    Re: Solve Your Health Problems via Internet Searches

    Amen to this! Internet has saved my life basically. I enjoy reading and studying various subjects regarding nutrition, detoxification and spirituality.
    The internet is such a rich reservoir of...
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    Re: Does anyone feel 'Water Energy' in their bodies?

    I think I can relate. I can feel, direct and focus my energy into waving patterns. It feels like a sort of plasma substance which penetrates all my bodies. It can push trough lower vibrational...
  16. Thread: Anger

    by Joey

    Re: Anger

    Thank you for sharing Inanna, I hear you!

    Greetings from Holland.
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    Re: Jordan Sather - the new and improved Wilcock?

    He's a smart guy and makes some good points. I feel he has to go down the rabbit hole still a lot more as he is not grasping the depth of the situation. He is still very much thinking in '3d' and...
  18. Re: Enlightened Eating - Dispelling Myths and Assumptions

    I suddenly gave up meat a year ago. This was completely unplanned. It started out as an experiment, where I felt like stopping meat for a week or two. Well that experiment lasted a bit longer and I...
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    Re: The Superman Diet, and Metal Poisoning

    To sunfruitdan:

    It's obviously not too hard to see why. He has a very graphic way of expressing himself.

    My gut feeling said yes, and I actually appreciate his non-political-correctness. What...
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    Re: The Superman Diet, and Metal Poisoning

    All I can say is 'wow'! It has cleared a lot of crap out of my body. The most notable things which came out was slime, parasites and yeast like substances which looked like foam. It really, really...
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