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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Thanks, Reilly...I did re-do the app....but haven't received email confirmation....I tried emailing a half dozen times...but can't...their anti-spam question "what comes after Saturday?" won't...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Will someone PLEASE tell me what's going on? I've been away from both forums for issues...the last time I was on either one was when the possibility of a hack to one or both forums...
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    Re: Why So Sirius?

    I, too, have been away from Avalon and other sites as well. Who to trust---what to trust----? I just don't know anymore.
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    As for #3....the "grieving Robbie Parker"....CBS keeps playing his tearful and poignant "statement"....but do a search to see the entire video....someone had a camera running the entire time....he...
  5. Re: How many of you know people on the 'inside?'

    My son-in-law's sister's husband works for the NSA....but I'm not supposed to tell you that.
  6. Re: Anonymous internet search engine : has a good, private email service....@$45/year...
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    Well....I, for one....believe it's TRUE....check out the documentary 2016; based on research----things we'll never hear from the liberal, mainstream media. I personally am so sick of what passes for...
  8. Re: Kerry Cassidy: The Group That 'BOUGHT' the US Presidency..!

    So where does this leave us in November? A "done deal"? I hope not!
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    1871, I believe....not 1861.
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    Re: Teachers (Revisited)

    Hey Steve....there's no ' in "whom"......:p
  11. Re: Prometheus Movie Based Upon Reality? See TRUE ENCODED STARMAPS!

    I saw the movie and my first thought was it left too many unanswered questions beginning with the opening scene where giant alien (Titan, perhaps???-- to fit in with the Prometheus mythology) is on...
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    Re: Prediction for Tomorrow.

    ...rats....looks like we'll have to wait until Monday the 25th....delays delays.....
  13. Re: American Nightmare Continues: Mitt Romney's 'New Political Team' EXPOSED..!

    S**t...what's a body to do? Especially considering the alternative! I doubt very much anyone who is NOT a globalist on board with a NWO agenda would ever be in the running for president. Sickening,...
  14. Re: The Birth of a New Religion, The New Gods are Coming!

    I personally do not believe this....if it was true why can't the millions upon millions of starving children manifest a plate of food? or why haven't my darn lottery numbers won yet that I've been...
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    Re: In Real Time got me...but it was PHAT...not fat!
  16. Re: Prometheus Movie Based Upon Reality? See TRUE ENCODED STARMAPS!

    I'm just headed out today to see this....but from what I've seen in the trailers and on...yes...I'll say it....Wikipedia...bwah ha ha....I think it may play into fears more than love and truth. But...
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    Re: In Real Time

    What a BIG man, you are....I mean that from the bottom of my heart. What a wonderful self-observation that when shared helps others as well....although I've never seen that side of you. :) You're...
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    Re: The 'Shroud of Turin' is FAKE..!

    I saw an interesting piece on the History Channel a few years ago that made a really good case that the Shroud was created by Leonardo da Vinci as a gigantic joke against the Church....I've never...
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    Re: URGENT STOP the BEE kill off

    I'm a beekeeper myself, Scanner......bee losses are down from about 15 years ago but losses still run on average 30% per year... it's not just Bayer that's the problem, on a large scale it's Monsanto...
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    Re: Birthing Violations by Hospitals.

    Wow....I have 3 daughters....all delivered by c-section. The first was not my choice....long story short the doctor started a pitocin drip then decided a c-section was "safer".....with the 2nd...
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