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  1. Re: JOEL SKOUSEN on World War III - and Strategic Relocation

    i can't find a way to delete the entire post, so I deleted the text. I misread the OP
  2. Re: Keshe foundation: 2014, the year of the change for the humanity

    The "scientist" that's been crying wolf for years.

    Yea, no thanks Keshe. Actions speak louder than words.

    You're all bark and no bite.
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    Re: It has not begun !

    Absolutely. We seem to be obsessed with pinning some date or event to mark "the beginning". It's in motion already, things might intensify, but let's be clear about it... Things are in motion and...
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    The Usefulness of Utopia

    Hey all, I thought I'd share this video with you. My father, who has lately been blooming spiritually just sent this to me.

    The video is in spanish with subtitles in Portuguese and English.
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    Re: What's The End Game?

    Interesting. I'd like to read something about this. Can you point me to somewhere I could start?

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    Re: How we are ONE?

    "are we not leaves, unaware that we are tree?" - I forgot
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    Re: Disclosure ... Roswell ?

    I remember this making the news a couple of months ago...but nothing after that.

    Is it coming up again?

  8. Re: Best Place For Current Accurate News/Information? Please Share

    I usually check and see how the article names vary from source to source.

    This gives me an idea of the different ways a story can be interpreted.

    Probably best to sift through...
  9. Re: Keshe Foundation sends warning to the US and its associates


    Forget mass arrests. Free energy is where it's at.
  10. Re: FIRST CONTACT at Olympics Aug 4th! (Update Aug 7 -- didn't happen)

    I just saw this on reddit. Made me think of this and other threads talking about the 4th.

    I've kept my eye on Curiosity since chatter on the MSM started.

    I'm thinking it will probably be more...
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    Re: LIBOR: Not a Scandal, but a Funeral

    I'm a bit concerned that this isn't getting the attention it merits. This whole thing has the potential to blow the criminal financial world wide open and change its governance once and for all.
  12. ET/UFO Disclosure | Paul Hellyer "ET's can help us if we let them"

    Hi all,

    So this video is kind of old (Feb of last year) and I don't know if it's been posted before.

    This guys is pretty legit. He is former Canadian Defense Secretary, a member of the Queen's...
  13. Re: Keshe Foundation - Technology release in September

    Hi Dennis. You make an interesting point. However, ff I'm reading his strategy correctly, he finds it more beneficial to do this through an official, diplomatic channel and simultaneously release the...
  14. Re: Keshe Foundation - Technology release in September


    With the White Hats report coming out yesterday, and now this announcement...things are starting to feel very different. I remember back at the beginning of 2011, I felt there was a...
  15. Re: Keshe Foundation - Technology release in September

    Webpage is blocked at my office. Would anyone be so kind to quote/paste the whole article here?

    Many thanks!

  16. Poll: Re: Do you believe the claims of imminent mass arrests?

    It's a wet dream fantasy. No, I don't believe it will happen.
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    Re: Bill Ryan speaks up today

    Not all who see it... Its a typo.

    Not all who she it will think its information to be true.[/QUOTE]

    I'm very sorry, as English is not my maternal tongue I didn't understand your...
  18. Re: Curious Prediction - God Particle Will Be Found (or Not) by the End of 2012

    I'va always had the gut feeling that the god particle cannot be found unless we can measure a particle of 'observation' or 'consciousness' finally putting to rest the theory that our reality is made...
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    Re: Negative environments.

    Hey Andrew, me no thinks the key lies anywhere near trying to escape "it". I see it more in a water metaphor, where as the more one thrashes and fights being in water like it's their enemy, the more...
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    Re: Disclosure Imminent - In 6 to 10 days?

    This is is fascinating, I can't wait to see what they come up with...whatever it is!
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