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  1. Re: James Gilliland update 2017-mar-11: Chemtrails & financial reset

    I've been listening to James for a long time. He does his show every sat night but he just did 2 hours on Jimmy Church Fade to black and then C2C for 3 hours. He is one of the main people I listen...
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    Re: The Reptilian Agenda 2017 Exposed

    I don't get the point of that video. I watched to the end to hear a solution. Ive read tons of articles and watched dozens of videos. That was the most depressing ever! I'm not sure if that is really...
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    Re: ANONYMOUS: Urgent Message to the World

    I like Anonymous but I don't listen to them lately cuz I never know if it's the real one. Don't need the crap scared out of me for no reason. But I will give this one a look.
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    Re: 'The Event' - What's all this about?

    Very interesting. What did you mean by that? Like, be careful what you wish for?
  5. Re: UFO Theater exposing hoax channel SecureTeam10 (and Tyler Glockner)

    OMG that was hilarious and very well executed. I myself, had been thinking about what terrible actors those brothers are. They really couldn't be worse.

    Thank you for sharing,
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    Re: 'The Event' - What's all this about?

    I've been reading articles and listening to podcasts, webinars and youtube videos for a couple of years now. I keep hearing about "THE EVENT". However, no one says what it is or what it looks like....
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    Re: Wikileaks - Are they about to release ?

    Can someone please explain what that means. I am well versed on most of these things but this one is over my head.

    Thank you!
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    Re: Alien predators are hunting humans

    While I don't blame Justplain for posting that vid, I am soooooo glad to hear its fake because I watched it earlier today and could not unsee it all day. Ive seen a lot of bad stuff on youtube and...
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    Re: Sat Night Live

    I actually watch it every season and then ff through the crappy sketches and music. They have always been very left since the beginning. But yes, that was a bit much. But that was before the...
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    Re: Anti-Trump riots erupt in the Bay Area

    I suggest everyone read this post from AWME today. This is what I have been thinking for weeks but couldn't put into words. In MY OPINION, this is it in a nutshell.

    "I am Arcturian...
  11. Re: "People of Earth" a new TBS Series satirizing the abduction phenomenon

    I think folks misunderstood my point. I'm not promoting the show as a good thing. Or made for the benefit of man kind. My very first post on PA was about this show when I first heard about it 2...
  12. "PEOPLE OF EARTH" Premier - WOW!

    This was no parody. This was DISCLOSURE! I've been looking forward to watching this show ever since I saw the preview, like two months ago.

    I'm kind of speechless about what I saw. No laugh...
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    Re: West World Shoutout

    Brian, wow and thank you for this! I was dying to speak about his and my husband is not awake (ugh, I feel arrogant saying it like that) and would not understand what I was talking about if I tried...
  14. Re: New ABDUCTEE SITCOM - Does this hurt our cause?

    Thank you Althena!
    Actually, the SNL sketch is the first time I noticed this SOFTSCLOSURE thang! Glad you posted that to add to my point.

    Thanks for all of your takes on the subject. I'm feeling...
  15. New ABDUCTEE SITCOM - Does this hurt our cause?

    I'm not posting this as entertainment value (although it is humorous) but to pose a question; Does this seem like DISinfo to you? Is it "soft disclosure" or are they just Dissing us? I made FB...
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