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  1. Re: List of Companies to Invest in?? Illuminate our bank statements

    It is not about the Amish per se. Rather, it is about the Amish economic model which is successful and proven by time to work.

    It is not my purpose to hijack this thread which was about investing....
  2. Re: List of Companies to Invest in?? Illuminate our bank statements

    We cannot all move to Peru...

    This is why I placed emphasis on investing in your local community. If your neighbor the farmer needs a well and he borrows the money from CHASE at 5%, and you have a...
  3. Re: List of Companies to Invest in?? Illuminate our bank statements

    The only vote you have that has an impact is the dollar in your wallet.
    It does no good to help make the rope that will hang you.

    By the same token, in discussions of being non resistant one must...
  4. Does anyone notice the irony here?

    Does anyone notice the irony of Russia Today reporting on American police brutality?

    It is now against the law to...
  5. and teach your children well

    When you raise up your voices and sing you not only stave off despair and frustrate
    your jailers, you teach your children by example a...
  6. Magic in a stairwell

    Whenever two or more are gathered in his name, lay down your cares and raise
    up your voices to sing with whatever faith burns in your breast. What then
    transpires is nothing short of miraculous.
  7. Without hope, there is despair; our prayer for deliverance

    In a country that was once free, where men dressed in black now burst through your door in the night and shoot you dead, where the high court affirms their right to do so, and the castle doctrine of...
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    Re: So you want to be free, huh?

    Withdraw your energy from those who would enslave you.


    Don't believe them, don't fear them, don't ask anything of them.

    --Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
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    Re: So you want to be free, huh?

    Freedom is like accountability or responsibility.

    It is a state of mind. You either have it or you don't.

    Freedom is not bestowed.

    The challenge is to assume your freedom and remain non...
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    Livestock Guardian Dogs

    We deceived ourselves for two years that we were safe. I thought/hoped that
    the electric fence would be enough.

    It was not.

    A month ago two huskies crossed the electrified high tensile wire...
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    Re: Pottasium Iodide

    Following is a general FAQ for Potassium Iodide. Please note the product is intended for
    SHORT TERM use. Indiscriminate long term consumption could result in gastric
    ulceration and hyperkalemia...
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    Re: Japan Nuclear Fallout...!

    This is why boy scouts are always prepared.

    The graphic is courtesy of Waterman. I...
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    Re: King James Bible

    Perhaps it was and maybe it wasn't.

    My congregation calls the KJV the inspired word of God. As to being war-like, a cornerstone of their faith is non-resistance even onto death. They are one of...
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    Umm, scuse me..

    Please forgive me for being obvious, but while the collective is busy rushing about
    having dramas, your house is burning down.


    Can anyone tell me where we are in the cycle below?

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    Re: The American Community Survey

    And just to clarify, I'm not talking about the census of 2010. This is an EXTENSIVE survey.[/QUOTE]

    This represents a tangible opportunity to voice peaceful protest against an intrusive centrist...
  16. Re: Lindsey Williams on AJones: insider design of Mid-East DESTABILIZATION! Feb.22.20

    After constant research for five years I feel like the best way to describe what is ahead to to imagine yourself in any western country in 1931. What lies ahead is nothing less than
    twenty four...
  17. Avalon as a model for a new civilization?

    Show me. I'm from Missouri and I am skeptical.
    Why am I skeptical? Because many of you are not
    serious. Many of you are here to be entertained
    and as keyboard commandos do not have the what
  18. Re: The Internet: Can The Gov Shut It Down? YES!

    Over Sunday dinner conversation it was related that the decentralized web in the USA has been (re)arranged into a spoke and hub arrangement with three major hubs in New York Chicago
    and LA. Yes it...
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    Re: David Icke Debunked (Full Movie)

    I "met" George Herbert Walker Bush during his first unsuccessful bid for the presidency. It was in a fairly intimate lecture ampitheater (as in the movie paper chase) which had a capacity
    of perhaps...
  20. Re: The Internet: Can The Gov Shut It Down? YES!

    Any comments on the utility or practicality of DSTAR or similar technologies?

    I also love the idea of VSAT and have been actively investigating the possibility of a russian or
    mexican satellite...
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