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    Re: What Really Happened at Sandy Hook??

    Dutchsinse on his FB has retracted the Vimeo links - but has not provided any reason as to why he believes it was falsified. A friend of mine said you can enter the date when you upload a video as...
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    Re: What Really Happened at Sandy Hook??

    By the way Obama, my ten year old daughter wanted to ask you about legislation... specific legislation. VERY specific legislation.
  3. Sticky: Re: Taking the piss: Your own best medicine...

    Success stories tell me that many people have done up to 40 days of urine fasts and survive, so it seems maybe if you have a decent level of fluids in you, and are not worried about dehydration, that...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?


    So happy I decided to pop back in and see what Avalon was up to.
  5. Re: Why there (Will Be) a 'False Flag' &/or Major Event at the 2012 London Olympics..

    If it has not been mentioned previously in the thread, I'd like to offer a piece of the puzzle.

    I had the fortunate odds to run into Mary Hardy (writer on Vortexes, the Earth Grid, and Gridkeeper...
  6. Re: Has anyone else felt some kind of a shift today?

    Saturn and Venus go direct this week.
  7. Re: Distilled water for health and awakening...

    Was there a link I missed? What is the difference with the charges?


    I'm not sure which 2hr long interview it was in, but I've watched two of them and he mentions raw food very...
  8. Re: Distilled water for health and awakening...

    Though Andrew only mentions it briefly, a diet with a lot of RAW LIVING FOODS will keep you up on your mineral content, and what he also has to say about the ELECTRIC CHARGE of distilled waters vs...
  9. Re: Distilled water for health and awakening...

    Half a glass can kill you?
    I've been drinking at least a gallon a day...

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    View Post

    I am really not sure of Donny Gillson's motives, whether he is moved by his own 32 degrees of insanity, or if there is some larger disinfo/manipulation going on underneath that.

    But I remember...
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    Re: Super Food - Goji Berries

    Too bad we don't have access to the raw berries.

    Make sure you chew em up well, or they'll just be going out the same way they went in!!
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    Re: Where are the good ETs?

    Honestly, I've never seen a negative or a positive ET.

    Potentially had one astral encounter that could be deemed neutral. That's about it!
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    Re: The Hybrids & Clones Amongst Us

    Only on page 4, still have much to read.
    I am in support of the information in this thread.
    I would like to know more.
  14. Re: Distilled water for health and awakening...

    You wouldn't want to drink juice (even organic, fresh made) in the amounts you should be drinking pure water. Juice is good for a meal or with a meal but if you are not VERY caful with what veggies...
  15. Re: Distilled water for health and awakening...

    Or, better yet, buy a JUICER!

    That way you won't have to forego mineral content for the distilled water(S!!!) that Andrew is focusing on, which is not necessarily just Water distilled by a...
  16. Re: Distilled water for health and awakening...

    Everyone is missing the point that this really gets down to is the Water and how it is processed by YOUR BODY.

    Forget the water distiller.

    Stop eating the junk in the food.

    Get as pure as...
  17. Re: Jason Verbelli: Atomic Feng Shui Aetheric Diodes and Magnetization

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    Re: Anybody want to quit smoking?

    you could at least smoke american spirits until you feel you don't need them anymore
    at least you won't be filling yourself with non-natural chemicals
  19. Re: Does anyone know how to protect electronics from a massive solar flare?

    Brotha, you are the technology.
    And I wouldn't be trying to protect oneself.
    Ride the vibe, open your mind!

    "The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake.
    As the children of the...
  20. Re: A metaphysical way to defeat the cabal?

    I think the whole deal is to kill em with kindness.
    Anyone who doesn't want to get on the boat, will get carried by the water.

    Either way, be careful of relying too much on vehicles of...
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