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    Re: Can you see the energy?

    Thanks to everyone for your replies. It is really appreciated.

    Does anybody suffer from any side effects from seeing this energy?
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    Re: Can you see the energy?

    Hi Removingtheveil

    Thanks for your reply. I can see it instantly. When I concentrate on it, it makes me feel good and very relaxed. I have noticed that the brighter the light condition, the...
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    Can you see the energy?

    Hi Avalonians

    Yesterday at work I was alone in my classroom. I was sitting and staring and noticed that the air around me was filled with billions of tiny specs of light. They were falling and...
  4. Re: Pope Francis in US in Sept: False-flag target for murder by the Cabal?

    I while ago I had a thought or vision or whatever it can be called that the pope and obama are the two witnesses described in the christian bible. In this vision they were killed on some type of...
  5. Re: Mount Meru - Project Camelot Interview Valery Uvarov 2007

    Thanks t2016 for this post. The link about the ancient text is dead. Do you have a working link?

    What I find interesting is the balls of light that take the asteroids into another dimension. Did...
  6. Re: Keshe Foundation Says it Has The Energy Answer

    I am a qualified automotive technician as well as a lecturer at a college teaching engineering subjects. According to this guy you can just plug the device into your car and it will provide your car...
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    Re: Manifest Production Observaership

    These guys seems to understand and apply some of the stuff you are talking about.

    Note to moderators: Please delete if not appropriate.
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    Re: Simon Parkes says: Blue Avians? NO!

    As an four year old child I was visited a couple of times by birdlike people. It always happened at night and I remember that their size used to scare the living daylights out of me. It is not a...
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    Re: Can someone explain this?

    Maybe an different dimension?

    Lately I pick up random thoughts from other people and none of them is related to me.
  10. Re: You Folks Are My Extended Family and I wanted to Share My Distress

    My heart is with you and your family in this sad time. I have also lost my wife in 2008. It almost destroyed me, but time heal all wound and it made me a stronger person.
    Always remember that the...
  11. Thread: Weird Dream

    by DaRkViPeR

    Re: Weird Dream

    Most of the time I am able to find the interpretation to my dreams on my own, but once in a while I will encounter dreams that I cannot explain. I am a very positive person. All my life I have...
  12. Thread: Weird Dream

    by DaRkViPeR

    Re: Weird Dream

    Normally I don't remember my dreams and over the years I learned that there is importance in the dreams that I do remember.
    Usually when I have trouble coming my way I will have a dream warning me...
  13. Thread: Weird Dream

    by DaRkViPeR

    Weird Dream

    It is 3:20 am and I just woke up from a very weird lucid dream.

    In my dream earth make contact with another civilization on another planet. We go to that planet and find that it is almost a mirror...
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    Re: "Thanks" Button Paradise... A Sanctuary

    We as members of Project Avalon are a unique family tied together by the fact that we are different in comparison to he crazy sleeping world out there.
    Here we search for truth.
    Here we share our...
  15. Re: How often do you wake up with unexplained marks or scratches?

    Definitely weird! How much sand? Do you remember what you dreamed about the night before?[/QUOTE]

    I cannot remember any dream, but the weird part is that I was sitting at my pc browsing the net...
  16. Re: How often do you wake up with unexplained marks or scratches?

    I woke up one morning with a puncture mark on my forehead. It was sensitive to the touch and slightly swollen. By that same evening it was totally healed but it left a mark like a freckle.
    A couple...
  17. Re: Alex Jones: "Something Big Is About To Happen"

    Alex is spot on with this one. For the past three weeks I have this urgent anxiety feeling of something really bad that is going to happen. It is getting worse every day.
    I also have this feeling...
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    Something about the photo bothered me. The planes and ufo's look genuine, but the picture just did not looked right to me.
    Then it struck me.
    The engine on the left wing is way out of proportion in...
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    Re: in 1996 why choose 2015 for the year?

    Youtube is flooded with videos on the September 2015 meteor.
    In some of them there is indications of warnings in movies just like the 9/11 event.
    In a lot of movies 9 and 23 is shown and I believe...
  20. Re: Vatican unveils logo, prayer, details of Holy Year of Mercy

    In the christian bible, Jesus tell a tale of the good shepherd that is always looking out for his herd of sheep. What do we do with sheep?
    We use their wool.
    We eat their meat.
    We breed them to...
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