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    World leaders photo staged in Paris

    The iconic shot of world leaders walking arm-in-arm in Paris united against the Charlie Hebdo killings was a staged photo op.
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    Re: Variable VS Fixed Mortgage rates?

    It depends on where you live. In the US these low rates will be with us for a while. But I don't think you would go wrong locking in a fixed rate.
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    Re: Joe Cocker has passed away. Tributes, Please!

    Classic clip from Saturday Night Live. Joe Cocker and John Belushi duet.
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    Re: Judge Andrew Napolitano

    What few Americans realize is that the US Constitution does not grant me any rights. It curtails the government's ability to violate my natural rights as a being.

    The phrase "I have a...
  5. Re: Global Currency Reset (SDR's and the New Bretton Woods; by JC Collins)

    The Russian Central Bank raised its benchmark rate from 10.5% to 17% in one fell swoop after US markets closed.
  6. Re: Global Currency Reset (SDR's and the New Bretton Woods; by JC Collins)

    Good question ... it's a nice gateway into some of the complexities in what is happening.[/I][/url][/QUOTE]

    Another way of looking at crude pricing is that globally we are in a recession. Slow or...
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    The why -- according to an OCC spokesperson -- is they are replacing kits that were bought soon after 9/11. He says these kits need to be replaced again. It is not the first time they have replaced...
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    Money creation debate in House of Commons

    This video is an excellent primer of how the banking sector is to blame for the outlandish creation of money through fractional reserve banking system.
  9. Re: Any gold bugs in the house? PETER SCHIFF: Gold Will Take A Rocketship Higher

    Gold's run up in 2007-2008 was a result of panic buying by many to take advantage of gold as a store of value.

    Its subsequent slide is based on tradition economic movements. Slow to zero growth,...
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    Re: NYC banker suicide

    Police now say it was a suicide. Knife found under body.

    A prominent banker was found dead in the tub of his...
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    NYC banker suicide

    Miller is a former World Bank department chief, who moved over to Citigroup to become Managing Director, Environmental & Social Risk Management.

    Below is a news story

    A Citigroup banker was...
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    Re: Question about Essiac

    Thank you so much TC and Olam for your responses.

    I have inquired of the manufacturer about the sheep sorrel root and they said:
    "Yes, of course. That is the only way the tea will be most...
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    Re: Question about Essiac

    Fraudulent version of Essiac tea?

    Because the tea I bought has eight ingredients instead of the necessary 4 Rene Caisse allegedly used?

    In making the tea, the only difference I see is...
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    Re: Question about Essiac

    Thanks all I appreciate the time it took to answer. My wife and I are using it as a detox twice a day 3 ounces on empty stomach.
    I am using this method to steep the tea, which is really a powder....
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    Question about Essiac

    Is anyone familiar with Essiac Tea? I have started taking it over the weekend for improving overall health reasons, not to treat anything specifically.

    I'm told it has many benefits including...
  16. Re: Global Currency Reset (SDR's and the New Bretton Woods; by JC Collins)

    Reality check: The renminbi would have a difficult time replacing the dollar as reserve currency.
    1) Its value as a currency is tied or pegged to the dollar. Why? Because China knows it still...
  17. Re: Alayne Fleischmann versus Goliath (JP Morgan-Chase)

    Its on the heads of each and every US taxpayer, but we have been paying it off for the last 5 years through the austerity program called ZIRP -- 0 percent interest income on savings.

    That money...
  18. Re: Alayne Fleischmann versus Goliath (JP Morgan-Chase)

    There must be a thousand Alayne Fleischmann's out there, most lacking her courage.
    You can see by her testimony that most of the mortgage paper she saw was bogus and not worthy of investment by the...
  19. Re: Global Currency Reset (SDR's and the New Bretton Woods; by JC Collins)

    I am not attributing the 3-year bear market in gold to Russia. I am saying that the move from $1,220 on Oct. 28 to $1,140 on Nov. 5 was a result of Russian sales.
    That move cannot be explained by...
  20. Re: Global Currency Reset (SDR's and the New Bretton Woods; by JC Collins)

    The main beneficiary of low Saudi oil prices has been China -- which has been the main buyer of that price discounted Saudi oil: Mysterious Chinese Buyer Of Record Crude Oil Cargoes Revealed. My...
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