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  1. Re: Forecast: Great Global Depression begins 2018; Trump and Euro skeptics will be blamed. Qanon is part of the distraction.

    I wanted to share this blog post I just read, it goes right along with what you are saying Paul, there is some nice charting explanations as well.

    Fellow Readers,

    For the first time ever I am...
  2. Re: Netflix "Travelers": Is this time traveler disclosure?

    I started watching it, the way they opened the show kinda turned me off, so I stopped watching. I like the concept though. I havent watched so I cant say, but I would imagine the show Continuum is...
  3. Re: A comprehensive review of the many health benefits of smoking Tobacco

    About 10 years ago I attended an ayhuasca ceremony here in California. A good friend of mine brought me. It was with a man from Peru that travelled offering ceremony. The medicine man and all his...
  4. Re: "Eat more MEAT" - but it is "meat" from PLANTS, not animals

    Where did you determine that (webpage or image off the package):

    "nothing is organic",
    who's product, and
    where specifically does it say that?
    Where does it say MSG is added?

  5. Re: "Eat more MEAT" - but it is "meat" from PLANTS, not animals

    Unfortunatley first thing I noticed is nothing is organic. Every product contains yeast extract which is a type of MSG. Canola oil in most.
    Heres my recipies for meat alternatives that are made...
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    Comedic yet effective guided meditation

    Sit back, close your eyes, and let all the bullsh*t flow away in the hilarious mediation...that is suprisingly efffective. :bigsmile:
  7. Re: Wes Penre: Humanity's future is here.....and it ain't pretty.

    I gotta say, I have a hard time reading much these days. Not much has grabbed my attention in the last few years. I started reading this last night, and now I can't put it down, thanks for the...
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    Queen Elizabeth is not human?

    Hey Avalon family, been quite a while since I posted, I still visit and read almost daily though. I came across this article too bizzare to not share for the researchers and debunkers to see if this...
  9. Re: The PANAMA PAPERS: ICIJ Lifts Veil on Offshore World - Historic Leak - Implicating World Leaders, Giant Corporations

    Luke from We are change made a good video, tying together a lot of things discussed here so far.

  10. Thread: Your Self.

    by Zionbrion

    Your Self.

    Do you ever feel like you have multiple selfs? I am not talking about mutliple personalities, I am talking about different the person you observe you are changes.

    I think we all...
  11. Re: 5.8 just hit close to Christchurch New Zealand, anyone feel it?

    @ Ellisa - Many thanks for your concern and thoughtful words Ellisa - fortunately I'm a few hundred miles away north of there in Tauranga. No serious injuries or damage have been reported but many...
  12. Re: Latest superbowl commercials - and something odd about one of them

    Offer only valid at partcipating locations and only for a limited time!
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    Re: Trump **DID NOT LOSE IOWA**!

    Well, my faith in the political process was solidified when Bernie Sanders and Clinton tied, and they decided who the winner was by coin flips. I would much preferred a best out of three rock paper...
  14. Re: Powerball Jackpot now 1.3 Billion... a crash in the making.

    First a story...there was a man who had been poor his whole life, so one day in desperation he prayed to god that he wanted to win the lottery. After a year went by, he reached out to god again, and...
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    Poll: Re: What's the best way to defeat ISIS?

    as long as we continue to bomb these arab countries and continue our regime change policy, in each generation there will become a new group of "terrorist"..and they will continue to be called by...
  16. Re: Headlines for the day - escalating tensions (7 Jan 2016)

    I was thinking this morning of making a similar thread, I had called it in my head "Sh!t is getting real." Hehe

    Thanks Paul!
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    Re: The Problems with Facebook

    I love the Onion! Ha they nailed it with this one.


    Oops just realized this was posted above. Leaving it anyways, its so good you can watch it twice.
  18. Poll: Re: Don't pay tax and don't register to vote - first steps to real change?

    If you have a traditional job, they will start garnishing your wages...if you are a millionaire and avoid taxes they probably throw you in prison for tax evasion. If you are a multi-billion dollar...
  19. Poll: Re: Don't pay tax and don't register to vote - first steps to real change?

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    Re: New York Nuke?? Maybe... (Video)

    Honestly not going to watch the video, but I know Dr Judy Woods has predicted there will aome sort of nuclear 9/11 in our near future.
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