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    Re: Instant Knowledge

    This is a moment to ponder upon, for it is a recognition of being more than the mind or the flesh we are born to. This can happen to anyone at any time or place, and can be induced when you are ready...
  2. Re: Spirituality, Indigo Children, Star seeds, Awakening......

    Where on earth do people get their ideas from, that their is a New Human? How can we even conceive such things, without knowing the truth of genetics and the origin of our Source. What we have here,...
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    Re: A contradiction? One unit or two?

    I must give thanks for this Thread, for it has brought a clear awareness to much of what we do in this life. The greatest activity we participate in, is what we mentally say in the mind. Here we...
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    Re: The Question of God and the Nature of God

    God seems like different things to different people and to different races of beings in the Universe, but the essential experience that ignites the desire for God, the awareness of God and the...
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    Re: How to (un)trap a soul

    So the question arises: What is the soul? We shall give you an understanding here that will be very helpful, as long as you remember that this understanding, and any understanding We give you of...
  6. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences

    Thank you, Patient. For the understanding you have, regarding how it may be possible that we can visually see the Alien Being, while others all around us are unaware of the same phenomenon. This is...
  7. Re: Why is pork bad for you in regards to spirituality?

    Hello there baddbob,

    There is also this saying from Jesus in the New Testament, Matthew chapter 15. verse 10-11:- And He called the multitude and said unto them, "Hear and understand: Not that...
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    Re: ETs/EDs - What Are They Doing For Us?

    It's not what the ET's / ED's are doing for us, more to the point is, what are they doing while here, for themselves???
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    Re: Vitamin B17 laetrile as cancer cure

    665 Plumber of the beast,

    Thanks for such brilliant info, I will be taking all the info and putting it to work, also will be spreading it within my local community.
  10. Re: Mehran Keshe participated in an in-depth interview yesterday (Sept 2, 2012)

    I whole heartily endorse your sentiments regarding the stance of the Keshe Foundation leader. The rhetoric he is putting out is more like he is on a war footing than delivering good deeds for...
  11. Re: Keshe Foundation sends warning to the US and its associates

    I would like to say thanks to,

    danceblackcatdance, / Jean-Luc, / mrfixitrick.

    for the information supplied and I must confess, there is more to the Keshe Foundation than I first realised.
  12. Re: Keshe Foundation sends warning to the US and its associates

    Can anyone tell me, how did the Keshe Foundation come by this so advanced technology? Can anyone out there show any proof of the fact that they have this technology? Or is it this Foundation wants...
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    Re: Keshe foundation

    Hello there Kumaran60,

    I feel it is a waste of your good time to try and warn the likes of those that have closed minds, but never the less, it is essential that any argument for or against the...
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    Re: When ignorance was Bliss.

    Hello pie'n'eal,

    Thank you for the well typed presentation of " the lack of Knowledge ". thats how I thought some time ago. Did you never have the feeling that there must be more to life, than...
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    Re: It's not the truth.

    Hello ROMANWKT,

    You do not know how right you are, you are far closer to knowing than you can appreciate, when we are born we have no beliefs, no hopes, no fears and above all no intellect. We are...
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    Re: Where did religion come from??

    Hello Dave / Spellbound,
    I will try my best to help you with your request, and to start, the Divine Creator of all life has initiated all of the world's religions, but they have all been altered by...
  17. Re: *Divine Intervention*: ETs Defeating the Old World Order

    Hello Mozart,
    Are you sure you have the right heading for this thread, because Divine is associated with the Angelic Presence from the Divine Creator. The Intervention is from Alien beings who have...
  18. Re: FUKUSHIMA - Gen. Bert Stubblebine's Personal Estimate of the Situation - IMPORTANT

    Hello Fire Dragon,
    I agree whole heartedly with you, reactor no.4 was emptied and was undergoing repairs at the time of the Earthquake, although it had some serious damage it was repaired, so why...
  19. Re: False Flag Alien Threat To Frame The ETs As Enemies

    Hello Unreal Dreams,
    The information given in my above post has come from the words of The Allies of Humanity, and although I can't prove or disprove this information, I know for a fact that the...
  20. Re: False Flag Alien Threat To Frame The ETs As Enemies

    Hello there Harley Hawkins,
    Just what is it that you know about the Universe, that massive expanse that the mind can not deal with, if it comes to that, what do you know about the Galaxy that we are...
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