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    Re: The Mandela Effect and alternative timelines

    Is it Berenstein or Berenstain bears :)
  2. Re: NASA Fakes a Pile of Sand to Cover Up ... What?

    they never left atoms-here .. oops i meant atmosphere :D
    so they must fake it ALL

    The Greek meaning of atom is 'UNCUTABLE.' or "UNDIVISIBLE"
  3. Re: No Alien base on the other side. I am disappointed.

    it is and attack to human intelligence on every level.
    should it not be oblate spheroid instead of perfect sphere?

    love sunspot...
  4. Re: U.S. Government Release Document With Details Of Extraterrestrial Bodies, Craft & Home Planet

    tip of the day
    key word is: re-lease

    think about it
  5. Re: NASA Has Discovered Another - Earth - In Deep Space

    there are no stars out there. all of stars are reflections of inner self divided into many perceptions.
    this is just another nasa trick to fool with ONE's mind.

    all stuff out there are reflected...
  6. Re: 14 Jul 2015 - NASA's Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter

    and this is how they laugh:
  7. Re: 6 Mar 2015 - NASA Spacecraft Becomes First to Orbit a Dwarf Planet

    Simply put .. there is no such thing as this ball in space presented..
    speaking about balls in space we got this from NASA:...
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    Re: Is Edward Snowden and CitizenFour a Psy-Op?


    is exactly how i sense it too..
    taking in consideration also:
    Edward is an English given name. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon form Ēadweard, composed of the elements ead "wealth,...
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    Re: 25 Apr 2015 - Dawn Enters Science Orbit

    science orbit :ROFL:

    loved the animation movie tho.. did artist made that blindfolded with both hands behind his back?
  10. Re: Did anyone notice any kind of anomaly/timeline shift in the last few days?

    is it kinda cool when you loose whole day, wednesday in my case.. come online on forum and read that bunch of people had similar experiences?

    i was having tuesday-thursday experience is best...
  11. Thread: Supermoon

    by DarMar

    Re: Supermoon

    moon is projected image onto ice firmament dome above earth through which none human EVER went and won't.
    telescope in space? :D hahaha .. good one
    something like this?...
  12. Re: A new type of Real Animal that can chew through steel cage!

    It is a sun bear without fur... probably result of toxicty, now tortured in cage.. pretty sad to watch

    you can read more about it here also:...
  13. Re: Idea for water collection technology / business

    You should try avoid any plastic-metal thingies as much as possible.. filters can filter minerals also.
    Best to learn from nature :)

    Rhizofiltration is a form of phytoremediation that involves...
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    Re: UFO CRASH IN CANADA on 18 Feb, 2015


    nuff said..
  15. Thread: O2

    by DarMar

    Re: O2

    isnt it funny how we all three agree that:

    and after that saying:

    Somehow i tried to say to you that you don't need to search for needle in haystack, because it is not needle you need to...
  16. Thread: O2

    by DarMar

    Re: O2

    Thing that bothers me most is attack and laughter earthlink received for bringing some real questions on board.
    But it is hard to fight over one thing when it ties all the vagons behind.. you can...
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    Re: An Inner Core Within Earth's Inner Core

    yes, Earth is whatever sci-entities conclude latest !

    Until they 'find' and pro-o-posal to co-elude..
  18. Re: 12 Feb 2015 - The View from New Horizons: A Full Day on Pluto-Charon

    i guess this one you did with a stick, some rope and ball :D

    top of stick and ball is in flame and someone rotating that in some dark corner of a room .. best part of it someone think it is...
  19. Re: Samsung Warns Users Not to Discuss Personal Info in Front of TV

    when phases inverted a speaker becomes microphone, it is how things are always, so since first tv .. thats the case, nothing new here.

    Cystal quartz is used in ever piece of electronic equipment...
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    Re: Are e-cigs really safe?

    only nature, chemistry and controlling of nature is a big flaw. which we can see first hand..

    here we have many home growers of tobacco and few parts are dedicated to tobacco growing, big pieces...
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