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  1. Re: The BRICS bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency - Anthony Migchels, REAL Currencies

    from One (Dollar atm) to many ... so more democratic ... but less obvious who controls what. They will say its a coop of all those nation ... but who controls them? Or who controls from the...
  2. Re: Santos Bonacci speaks after court - exposes entire legal fraud to news

    there are many people that claim / try to teach us about our rights.

    But its so complicated and so difficult to understand and use that in the end for 99.9% of the people its seems as crazy.

  3. Re: Russell Brand accuses Sean Hannity of fueling prejudice against the Palestinians

    It's already been proven that Hamas didn't kill those teenagers, so there's no excuses for this arrogant nutjob to say this. Who still respects this guy or Hannity?[/QUOTE]

    And this is where all...
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    Re: US House votes to sue Obama

    you need to distance your self from both parties .. they are the same. If you consume your self because of this then nothing will ever change.

    People still believe in the laws ... so they think...
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    Re: Sweetener for tea and coffee

    To be honest A little bit of sugar is not bad ... And i dont think you will find any sweetener without aspartame or other similar chemicals.

    So better to use a bit of a sugar than a bit of death....
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    Re: Advanced Extraterrestrials are Vastly Atheist

    Well i just want to add this ... There is no Human (in Planet Earth) Religion that is not corrupted/distorted to some extend. All the major religions we have atm in this planet are not what they...
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    Re: UN Losing Nations

    the UN were never for equal right ... at least not the real organization plans.

    Its all about centralizing power ... the big powers through UN can enforce their will ... officially and with noone...
  8. Re: US Navy announces it can make fuel from seawater...

    there was another thread about this ... and the people have the tech knowledge explained that this is not market useable.

    Yes it can help the navy to be self sufficient for a long long time but...
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    DId we just prove the start of AIs?

    Computer passes 'Turing Test' for the first time after convincing users it is human

    A ''super computer'' has duped humans into thinking it is a 13-year-old boy, becoming the first machine to...
  10. Re: 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Masacre...and not a peep?

    well teh Chinese Gov is the good guys atm ... else they cant explain why the USA is making most of its prod in China :-P so lets forget and forgive (not a chance)
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    Re: Bases 36 Mikkaal Part One&Two

    i stop watching after almost half the video. Some things ring true but i dont like how he speaks. I am not sure if he speaks like that always of if when he tries to pass the info he knows.

  12. Re: Some explanations regarding the expanding Earth, current physical and spiritual changes, "Ascension"...

    2 things about your comment.

    1st How do you know this? Guessing? Meditation?

    2nd I really dont like the way you try to separate Earth from the living beings ontop of her. If you really think...
  13. Re: Some explanations regarding the expanding Earth, current physical and spiritual changes, "Ascension"...

    Erm how do you know about the shape of Earth? and also can you please point out where have you seen "the decreasing (or degenerating) physical as well as increasing (or generating) spiritual...
  14. Re: "When is Ascension? , "When is First Contact?" , "When is the EVENT".

    then you are one of the very very few humans in this planet atm ... cause 99.9999999999999999% of us are still trying to survive and barely get enough free time to think about it.

    If you know /...
  15. Re: "When is Ascension? , "When is First Contact?" , "When is the EVENT".

    I will have to agree with Spirit here ... i dont say i know or i dont believe about ascension but ... for any kind of being to get to the point of out growing its physical body and having so much...
  16. Re: Goodbye, Oil: US Navy Cracks New Renewable Energy Technology To Turn Seawater Into Fuel

    Well they have it hard. They need to create a system that is bad "efficiency" wise and hard to make, so that it wont be used against oil, and on the other hand they need to provide abundance of...
  17. Re: Pointless sick police murders are on the increase...// Police Kill Homeless Man For Camping In The Foothills

    thats why they want to remove the guns so you dont have that option pyriel. Just like the UK ... obedience is inprinted in the public mentality.

    Noone resists beside protesting and then its all...
  18. Re: Crimea referendum Sunday / EU sanctions against Russia to be implemented on Monday

    Either WWIII OR Economic Meltdown. They can say Russia crashed the Euro and then the Dollar SO its Russian fault we crashed,it isnt the systems fault. I am sure many will accept that and blame Russia...
  19. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    i agree about the letting down ... but wait WHAT "this information is SCIENTIFICALLY approached and verified" ... where did you see that? Cause all i saw was people trying to persuade us that they...
  20. Re: Hair samples found & trailcam captures Bigfoot

    its a fake ...

    1st you never place a camera so close to a big animal ... thats a big foreign object very very close to its "lair" ...
    2nd if you want to have the camera so close you need a 2nd...
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