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  1. Re: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or ME - Some Truths

    CFS is a very complex condition. It is not caused by one single agent, but by a combination of many.

    Much has been discussed in the posts above, all of it very relevant and very true.

    I was...
  2. Re: A personal request for your healing thoughts of peaceful resolutions

    Thank you, everyone, for your compassion and sentiments. At a time like this, the support of loving, mindful beings, is truly important and so appreciated. It moves me deeply.

    I tearfully...
  3. Re: My dog is missing, Desperate for Help... anybody adept at the art of dowsing?

    Sorry about what you're going through.

    Since he's not fixed, it's possible that he might have found female companionship and decided to stay out a while. Many dogs I've known have done that.

  4. Re: A personal request for your healing thoughts of peaceful resolutions

    You are so right on!

    If I had to do it again, I'd approach the situation differently.

    This is indeed about soul growth. I know that. I wish the other parties involved would know it too.
  5. Re: A personal request for your healing thoughts of peaceful resolutions

    Thank you, Flash!

    I'm talking about authorities in my professional world, who are also part of my social world.

    The one I gave my support to, still needs my support, but I withdrew it in order...
  6. A personal request for your healing thoughts of peaceful resolutions

    Dear Avalonians,

    I have often found PA to be a place of refuge and sanctuary.

    I seek sanctuary here today, amongst beings I know possess empathy, understanding, and the power to infuse healing...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Bill Ryan !

    Happy Birthday, Bill!

    May your light keep shining as bright as ever, and brighter than ever.

    With deep gratitude to have you on the planet at this point in time.

    With deep gratitude for...
  8. Re: Entering 2015 with awareness.. A Year of Revelations, the truth no matter where it leads us, coming home.

    Thank you, Christine!

    To a year of truth and understanding!

    And so it is!

    With love,

    Daughter of Time
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! if you celebrate Christmas.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! if you celebrate another type of Holiday.

    If you don't celebrate Holidays, please celebrate the wonderfulness and uniqueness of...
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    Re: Feel like suicide.....

    The entities which attack you are vultures which strike when vulnerability is at its lowest. Be strong!

    Ask these entities to leave you alone! Forgive them for the torment they have caused you,...
  11. Re: Gnosis, Mary Magdalene in the Nag Hammadi Library

    Hehe yes u did and why not when one starts looking at all the puzzle pieces...many seem to cris cross blend together....

    off the beaten path from mary and not meaning to derail but has anyone seen...
  12. Re: Gnosis, Mary Magdalene in the Nag Hammadi Library

    I've read the Gnostic Bible - not an easy read!

    I've read the Nag Hammadi Texts - a very easy read!

    The Nag Hammadi texts contain the same information as the Gnostic Bible, but in layman's...
  13. Re: Alternative medicine for Uterine Fibroids

    Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture would probably be your best option, if affordable.

    If TCM and acupuncture are not affordable then you can google uterine fibroids and homeopathics and...
  14. Re: A (very) short manifesto by an Israeli

    I applaud you, dear Limor!

    I embrace you from where I am!

    You're a courageous, righteous being filled with integrity!

    Much love to you!

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    Re: The Nature of Fear


    Fear of snakes is not uncommon. I know a number of people who are terrified of them!

    What would make the most sense is that you have perhaps died from a snake bite in some other...
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    Re: The Nature of Fear

    Fear, in my opinion, is the most insidious program plaguing the planet.

    Fear has been instilled in our DNA, our chakras, our astral (emotional) bodies, our minds, our souls, and everything that we...
  17. Re: What do you think about worshiping a higher power?

    Worship is a fear based concept!

    I do not worship anything! But I have been developing relationships with Source, the Divine Mother, The Christ consciousness, the healing frequencies...
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    Re: Gratitude

    The concept of gratitude was not something I grew up with. And although I became aware of the importance of gratitude many years ago, somehow I never expressed gratitude except when something...
  19. Re: Asexuality: My Spiritual Journey & Valuable Information


    Who you are sexually is your decision and your decision only. If you are comfortable being asexual than that's what you should be.

    Having said that, I will add that this planet has...
  20. Re: All avalonians are invited to the party

    Congratulations, Ulli!

    The Here and Now thread was and continues to be a brilliant idea.

    I don't think it's superficial! Its continued success proves this.

    Happy Birthday, Village!
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