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  1. Shaken by Violence, Ferguson Residents Gather to Talk and Heal
    Volunteer giving a free hug at the Ferguson Farmers Market. Photo...
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    How To Heal Ourselves

    As time moves on, the emphasis among the great variety of subjects in the alternative arena is shifting. Today it's common knowledge for virtually everybody who follows alternative news that 9/11 was...
  3. Re: Help me understand a vision of anarchist society

    In that situation, you'd have loads of people who'd be willing to pay good money for someone to fix this. Don't you think you'd find someone who'd take the job then? That goes for all jobs that are...
  4. In The Middle of a Crime-Ridden Area, a Spiritual Community Blossoms and Transforms the Neighborhood

    East Oakland, California, is infested by four major gangs, one of them being the police. In order to make a difference, a group of people decided to take a radical approach. They founded Casa de Paz,...
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    Re: How do we feel good enough?

    That's interesting, I never really have it like this in my mind, "Am I good enough for this or that?"

    I do assess whether or not I think I'm capable of something, like performing a certain...
  6. Re: This Is The Peaceful Solution Of The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

    That's something that the people on both sides have to work out. Either they work it out, or they kill each other over it, that's their choice. People—not politicians—have to demonstrate that they're...
  7. This Is The Peaceful Solution Of The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

    It's as common sense obvious as it gets, I find, but here I spelled it out. The video is from Jewish Voice For Peace.

    The solution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is the...
  8. Ukrainians are burning their military writs, refusing to leave their sons to Ministry of Defense

    The people don't want war. Remember the Christmas truce in WW1, where the soldiers realized that they don't want to shoot another? They only continued the fight when the pressure on them got too...
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    Re: Saying I love you to a spiritual person

    Playing games is what we're all here for, isn't it? :cool:

    For me it's usually easiest to communicate what I love about someone or about a relationship by talking about what it means to me, how it...
  10. Re: 'V', the Guerrilla Economist, posts the most important information he's ever shared (4* General reveals 'The Plan')

    All of this is going on, the preparations are being made. Yet it has to be noted that this general has been seriously intimidated. His warning doesn't come from a place of detached reflection.

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    Roadtrip: Bilderberg 2014 Copenhagen

    I always wanted to go to Bilderberg to see the whole spectacle with my own eyes. The big wigs, the police presence, the demonstrators, all of it. I wanted to experience how it is to be...
  12. Re: advertizing has changed the free flow of info

    Everything changes everything and advertising is part of the free flow of information, I think. :)
  13. Re: Bilderberg 2014 - Copenhagen, Denmark: 29th May - 1st June - update / links thread.

    Maybe yelling is a bit crude, but I always wanted to scream at a Bilderberger... now I had the chance with Henry Kissinger... one thing less on my bucket list. :)

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    Re: Are you ready to contact the aliens?

    There's a lot of evidence that Dulce is an air force / CIA project, not alien... as presented here.

    Anyways, this thread is closed. Please respect the guidelines:
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Check this out...
  16. Re: Bilderberg 2014 - Copenhagen, Denmark: 29th May - 1st June - update / links thread.

    I'm on the ground in Copenhagen... Essentially, it's all very relaxed, nice, and cute... Very likeable! Gonna make a movie out of all the material I'm gathering, here just a little something, because...
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    He didn't try to pacify his prosecutors. He just stood by what he always said but didn't put up a physical fight, knowing that there would be no need for it at that point, that the greatest defiance...
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    Yeah, that resoluteness resonates a lot with me as well.

    To put it all in perspective, I think it's important to know when to be harsh. When someone tries to insult me, I usually just laugh at...
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    It says, "he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen," so I think that's it... All of the above.

    It's also for defending oneself, just like a gun today... Anyways, I...
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    I just stumbled across this article the other day, and while there's no need for me to agree with every last word of it, I think it's an absolutely fantastic article about what Christ consciousness...
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