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    Re: Throat Singing

    The performance I observed was in 1997, with a group of Tuvanese Throat Singers (Tuvania being a small province of Mongolia) and my practice is derived from their performance (but without any direct...
  2. Re: Must read: sex, Christ, astral, all according to your use of your genitals.

    This might seem unrelated, but does the 'name' Shadderfer mean anything to you? He said something similar to me about 'dabblers' in an unrelated forum.

    I appreciate your conviction to the...
  3. Re: Meditation, and any work with Chi or Prana may invite possession by Jinn

    I already have. ^_~
  4. Re: Meditation, and any work with Chi or Prana may invite possession by Jinn

    I make that statement in observance that while I have seen the entity with my eyes (just the once), and can interact with it relatively at will, I cannot with certainty claim that it "is" or "isn't"...
  5. Re: Meditation, and any work with Chi or Prana may invite possession by Jinn

    I'm going to do the 'bolded response' thing on this one. Later additions/comments in red.

    I feel I should reiterate that up to, during, and after initial contact and conversation with the...
  6. Re: Meditation, and any work with Chi or Prana may invite possession by Jinn

    I should qualify that when I refer to 'what results being incomprehensible/undesirable', I mean in close, physical/social conversation; Avalon members 'get it' and/or 'want to' quite readily. It was...
  7. Re: Meditation, and any work with Chi or Prana may invite possession by Jinn

    The entity(-ies) I have interacted with - after closing/dismissing all previous contracts and agreements - have only ever been interested in sincere respect and attention. They and I recognize...
  8. Re: The Sandy Hook Elementary School closed in 2008 (the 2012 massacre was staged)

    it seems that nobody is listening the witnesses here. What do you know about the shooting and what the parents were told?[/QUOTE]
    Good question.[/QUOTE]

    Agreed. I have a hard time suspending my...
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    Re: How Is Everyone Coping?

    Thank you for this thread EnfoldedBlue, and for all the participants and responses. I hadn't realized it until I started to read this thread, but I have been feeling that things are a bit 'off'.
  10. Re: Full Briefing Document - Prepared For All Terrestial Earth Humanity

    Hmmmm. From my discernment and understanding, this information is far from 100% true, though I'm not going to begin to point out the specifics. The document IS exhaustive in many ways (not least of...
  11. Re: Inelia Benz on Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 281

    I appreciate Inelia's presentation of ideas and find myself overwhelmingly (but not exclusively) in agreement with what she presents.

    On the other hand, I could do without descriptions of her...
  12. Thread: i liked this

    by Shezbeth

    Re: i liked this

    I haven't gotten chills like that from a video in a very long time, and I greatly appreciate the exposure to it.

    I immediately recognized the voice of Garrett LePorto, founder of the Wayseers...
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    Re: Thoughts on Existence

    Addendum to the previous:

    Much of what has been expressed by me is in observation of various theories including the variety of ET races and/or the Demiurge in its multitude of observed concepts. ...
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    Re: What happened to me?

    It is a remarkable experience Sunny-s-u, and one which can bring enormous benefit; thank you for sharing.

    The phenomenon is far more common than is readily accepted/recognized. Cultures the world...
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    Re: The Disagreement On Reality

    Excellently iterated, and in observance of this statement I pose (and answer) the following query.

    Which statement is an expression of Love, and which is an expression of Fear? IMO:
    It's all...
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    Re: Love, Fear and Aliens

    There's at least one resource which ETs don't seem to have in abundance (well they do technically):

    Human emotional, vibrational energy. They do have quite a 'successful' mine with about 7...
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    Re: The Disagreement On Reality

    I have heard parents say similar things to their children when asked to explain why Santa's reindeer can fly, or how he makes it all the way around the world in a single night, even when accounting...
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    Re: The Disagreement On Reality

    Thank you for this thread Grizz. I don't have much to add, other than to offer a contrasting investigative viewpoint (which seems appropriate given the title and theme). ^_~

    Can't it be both,...
  19. Re: Boston Marathon - detailed, cynically humorous dissertation

    The analysis re: Boston Bombing is quite entertaining, and informative. I had seen similar analyses, but that one is the most comprehensive I've seen to date.

    Sadly enough, I had all but...
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    Re: Disclosure "IS" Coming & "SOON"..!

    I agree 100% with this statement. The rest I'm not so sure about.

    You did an excellent job of summarizing many of the strengths and resources the controllers have at their disposal, and if things...
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