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    Re: X-Files to return ? Yes

    love the x-files so I hope they do a good job x not seen it yet
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    Re: Don't Date An Abductee

    It would be really useful if all abductee's could find something they have in common to see why this was happening xx
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    Re: Celebrity Trend ??

    I like Quentin Tarrantinos films xx and he is right and he shouldn't back down from talking the truth x
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    The amount if cuts to the army, we are not prepared for war with france let alone aliens xx
  5. Thread: My Husband

    by pugwash84

    Re: My Husband

    I hope everything goes well, sending love, hugs and positive energy xx
  6. Poll: Re: If ETs showed up at your door today, are you ready to leave?

    As long as I have my children that's all that matters to me xx I would want to stay in touch with the rest if it was possible but most humans on earth are quite self centered and it's normally me who...
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    Re: Can you see the energy?

    It's like billions of tiny little dots, but also Iv'e always thought that the air seems thick to me not thin air like they say xx
  8. Re: Can your science explain why it rains on Mars?

    You can see Mars with a telescope xx I think people say they have military bunkers or something underground there xx They are only telling us now about this but they have known for a long long time xx
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    Re: Strange occurrence on TV

    I don't watch tv often :S, so I wouldn't have noticed anything xx maybe its a signal thing xx
  10. Re: Let me introduce you to the Western Conenose

    These are amazing, I love interesting bugs. Maybe one day I'll travel to America and look at some of the bugs there :) Standing like a crazy woman with a torch and a sheet in the middle of nowhere...
  11. Re: Prime Minister Cameron and the tale of the dead pig

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    so funny xx
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    Re: Is Coffee good or bad for you?

    everyone told me coffee was bad for me and they still keep telling me that now if they see me drink it xx I just don't care what people talk about now because most of its rubbish. Like one min butter...
  13. Re: Have you ever seen or talked to your Doppelganger?

    Me and my sister used to look like twins when we was growing up so we always got confused for one another and someone said they thought they saw me down the beach and I wasn't there so I assumed they...
  14. Re: Two effective home remedies for runny nose

    eating a hot curry or a spicy chilli helps me with a blocked nose too xx
  15. Re: Strange Figure in sky balloons, or something more ?

    oh yea!! Michelin man xx He used to be on the adverts !!
  16. Re: The body of the mother can identify if child is evil or not.

    I couldn't produce enough milk with my 3rd child though at first as he was a huge baby and drinking 4oz as soon as he was born so I had to top up with bottle too. I was producing milk before the...
  17. Re: The body of the mother can identify if child is evil or not.

    Yes I made the milk but it went after a while as I was not using it xx
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    I had to look up the word "Pollywog" because I have never heard this word before and we call these "Tadpoles". We used to have "Gollywog" dolls but they were not PC anymore so we have to call them...
  19. Re: ~ Electronic Telepathy

    Mind reading technology could be a brilliant tool in helping severely disabled people to communicate but it can be used to interrogate spys or to keep tracks on peoples thought like a thought police....
  20. Re: The body of the mother can identify if child is evil or not.

    I breast fed 3 out of 4 of my children, the one I never breastfed is the more sensitive and shows more empathy than the other 3 because that's part of who he is xx I never breastfed him because I had...
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