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    Re: UFO over Melbourne.

    Probably a UAV + LEDs
  2. Re: Kevin Annett: UK&Ireland fail to stop ITCCS action on 800 baby & Pope 9th Circle sacrifice verdicts

    There seemed to be a large number of edits or playback defects in that video - muted audio and dropped video frames.
  3. Re: NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins

    Very long but very interesting. Worth the time.
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    Re: Schauberger generator - request for info

    You might find what you are looking for here:

    Enter a URL to search the web archive for a copy of the website before it disappeared.
  5. Re: Folks, I need to ask an honest question of you please.

    What makes you think marijuana is outside of the medical profession? Medical marijuana is legally grown in the UK and legally prescribed by medical doctors for patients in the UK. It is still...
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    Re: The Best Drinks in the World

    I love buko juice - the "water" from inside a green coconut. It's best if it's fresh.
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    Re: What does your heart "think" of this?

    I have spoken with Julien Wells a few times and I feel he is 100% genuine.

    [Edit] However, I can't comment on the accuracy of his messages.
  8. Re: Technological advances that will directly affect you in the next 2 years


    ...input hempcrete. We are almost there.
  9. Re: Technological advances that will directly affect you in the next 2 years

    Wood pulp extract [cellulose nanocrystals] stronger than carbon fiber or Kevlar.

    "The only reinforcing material that is stronger than cellulose nanocrystals is a carbon nanotube, which costs...
  10. Re: Technological advances that will directly affect you in the next 2 years

    I second that.

    Done. Check out Australian company
    And more exciting advances are coming soon.
  11. Re: Has anyone else been hearing the high-pitched ringing or humming sound?

    For as long as I can remember, I occasionally hear a very high pitch which can start and stop suddenly but sometimes also fades in and out. The sound is blocked when I place my hands over my ears, so...
  12. Re: Neil Keenan Urgent Update - cabal moving fast. 240 metric tons of gold being stolen NOW.

    I don't know who Neil Keenan is, though I have read several rumours. I don't know who most of the members of Avalon are, and I don't know who you are, Jacko. If you have any previously unpublished...
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    Re: True History of Marijuana

    Thank you Hughe, especially for the first link.

    Re. phoenixtears, I have seen Rick Simpson's Run From The Cure many times.
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    True History of Marijuana

    I have, in my personal archives, more than one hundred documentary videos about Cannabis – both Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana – and about the history of the totally corrupt prohibition and...
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    Re: personal use drones

    I am considering using remote control/programmable multi-copters to do an aerial survey of an entire country, in the near future, to document (before, during and after) some huge environmental repair...
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    Re: QEG seems to be going DARK ( a DuD )

    Are you serious?

    Have you ever read the story of the invention of the incandescent light bulb? They failed about 10,000 times before stumbling onto a semi-reliable solution. You could say they...
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    Re: Huge Event On New Years Eve

    I wonder what nuggets of information will be revealed?
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    Huge Event On New Years Eve

    On new years eve, at 12.30 pm GMT, stand by for a very special broadcast live from Australia.

    We can’t tell you yet what will happen other than Rob Halford and friends have something VERY special...
  19. Re: Dutchsinse and others approached by the White Dragon Society

    UCC does apply outside USA.

    Is UCC being used in Australia? Absolutely, yes, although it is not called UCC. Most Australian lawyers have never heard of UCC and even the few who have will argue...
  20. Re: Dutchsinse and others approached by the White Dragon Society

    Clearly, someone is deliberately mixing lots of messages and coming up with slop.

    I think Dutch has been used to spread disinfo and fear.
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