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    China buys Swiss Syngenta

    Well, it is almost done... has China embarked in an active participation of GMO production... or not? I will be interested in seeing the outcome of this...

  2. Indian Air Force jet shoots down unidentified balloon-shaped object

    Curious news out of India:

    See video of news report showing pieces of said "balloon" at the site:
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    Re: At the Vatican, Up Against the World

    I just saw this... needs to go here:

  4. Re: Jordan Maxwell | the Zodiac, Mazzaroth & Astrotheology in the Bible

    The thing that bothers me about Jordan Maxwell is that all of his "play on words" theories relate to the English language. If we try to apply his theories to other languages, especially to the...
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    Sticky: Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

    There are two new hotspots on the sun!

    Yesterday, new sunspot 2472 produced an M2.8 flare peaking at 01:03 UTC and an M1.1 peaking at 10:19 UTC.
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    Re: Terror Campaign Is On

    Several bomb threats here in Italy recently, too.

    There were two today in Turin:
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    Re: When It Rains . . .

    My thoughts and love to you and yours, Harley!
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    Re: Weather: What's going on?

    I remember the winter of 2005.... I was living in an alpine town at 600 meters elevation that gets no direct sunlight from November to early March and where it usually snowed at least 3 times a...
  9. Re: Social conformity experiment by National Geographic

    Wow! Incredible!

    And yes, I too would not have gone along with those crazies and I would have asked for an explaination.... I probably would have eventually just stood up, moved over to the...
  10. Re: Why is the Australian Government so frightened of David Icke?

    Wow.. really sorry to hear about David's problems with getting a visa to Australia... from what I understsand, travelling will become a problem for all of us in the very near future, and it appears...
  11. Re: Wanna improve the forum? Kick everyone out!

    I am one of the oldies still hanging out at good ole PA.... I've made it through numerous "flea baths" here at the forum....and I still love participating.

    If someone told me that I had to leave...
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    Re: The Economist - the World in 2016

    Try taking a look here.... to find "answers" which lead to more "questions" (click on "Extra" in the menu on the top right, near the "The World in 2016" script then click on each subtitle in th list...
  13. 12-04-2015 This Week Humanity's Future Was Decidied (or maybe a bit delayed)

    While we all were distracted with the Climate Change Meetings in Paris and the shooting in California... a summit with 12 international panel members was taking place discussing human germline...
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    Re: San Bernardino, CA Mass Shooting, 2 Dec 2015

    At the press conference, they have confirmed at least 14 deceased, 14 with serious injury taken to local hospitals, many other with less serious injuries.

    The suspects have fled the scene; they...
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    Re: San Bernardino, CA Mass Shooting, 2 Dec 2015

    They are reporting on NBC live coverage that a Swat operation in Pasadena, an hours drive from San Bernardino....could be related to the shooting there. Now, it has been said that it is not connected...
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    Re: San Bernardino, CA Mass Shooting, 2 Dec 2015

    No new info or details yet... just lots of vid showing people on stretchers getting care....

    Happened about 11 am.

    Watch the NBC news live here:
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    San Bernardino, CA Mass Shooting, 2 Dec 2015

    From 1-3 suspects wearing body armor fires on people at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino CA.

    Police are evacuating the buildings. No numbers of injured or dead available at the moment,...
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    Re: I'm going to Retire soon...

    Jagman, you will always be one of the gang here at Avalon... your posts will be your legacy and our points of reference... do come back when your heart so wills it.

    All things will be restored......
  19. Re: Turkey shoots down Russian jet near Syrian border

    It is mind-boggling, isn't it?

    I lost track of who's who and who's doing what against whom back a few decades..... but the CHAOS that is going on NOW is the winner, that's for sure!

    WW3 equals...
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    As far as my trying to understand "religion" and who "GOD" might be and "HIS" plan, Mauro Biglino appeals to my hard-headed rational thinking side. Since his initial exposure when he published his...
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