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  1. Re: Exolinguistics - alien languages: the work of Nancy du Tertre

    This might be an interesting coincidence:

    Many of the CARET letters are either perfect japanese letters of the "katakana" writing system (one of 3 japanese scripts, this one used for loanwords and...
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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    Here's a link:
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    Re: Dick pics, Snowden and John Oliver

    Compared to other John Oliver shows, this one was pretty painful to watch even without the background knowledge mentioned by mcpennery, with the way John Oliver kept interrupting Snowden's...
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    Re: Anomalies in The Ruiner's material

    One doesn't even need the strength, popularity, or any particular personality or built for that effect - I'm female, thin and introverted, and both I and other people consider me to be taller than...
  5. Re: Pharma Co. buys 62yr old critical drug and hikes price by 5000%

    Here's a petition against this (to "make some noise").
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    A clarification:

    The shop actually opened for just one day, and it "still has to respect the law, so it’ll be handing out placebos, not real MDMA pills." (quoting form the article you linked to)
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    According to Carmody here or here the phenomenon of pictures from space with no stars is a result of the contrast range capacity of current cameras.

    There are threads dedicated to that [here]...
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    Australian scientists have...
  9. Re: 'They' Told Me To Write A Book In One Month....I Did.

    Thank you very much for your beautiful and inspirational book!

    Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I loved learning about your experience, which allowed me a glimpse into how...
  10. Re: Unidentified fast killing disease appears in Nigeria

    The newest theory is that the cause for the disease was a pesticide, as no viral or bacterial infection was found so far.

  11. Re: Norwegian farmed salmon: a serious health hazard through Ethoxyquin and other pesticides

    Thank you for that information!

    Apparently even farmed rainbow trout are fed astaxanthin in order to produce a salmon-like flesh colour, with are then sold in the US as "steelheads", however in...
  12. Norwegian farmed salmon: a serious health hazard through Ethoxyquin and other pesticides

    This information is from a documentary called "Poisonous Fish: The Big Health Lie" that aired in November 2014, produced by Austrian national TV (ORF):...
  13. Re: I am finally flying again (How to revoke spiritual contracts)

    Thank you very much for sharing all that you have shared here, and all the best for your future journey!
  14. Re: Stunning new advance in metallurgy - nano-coated steel, stronger and more durable

    For those of us wondering when exactly the LHC is going to power up again, I found the following info:

    In Mid-March, they are running...
  15. Thread: Milk

    by hohoemi

    Re: Milk

    I used to buy raw milk from an organic food store (denn's) in austria for a while - they offer several brands, and cow milk seemed to be available year round, while sheep and goat milk varied...
  16. Re: Breatharianism, and living on Prana: a how-to guide

    Hi Dawn,

    I hope you're still watching this thread?

    Summary (if you want to avoid the longer version)
    Could you explain how your light trap experience fits with your nirvikalpi samadhi and...
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    Re: help please, thyroid cancer

    In case this thread doesn't get restored, here's a printout I did of the first two pages:


    (not the best format since I didn't use the print-thread-settings, but better than nothing...
  18. Re: Q and A about Ron Hubbard, Bill Robertson, Scientology, the Free Zone and Ron's Org

    Hi Bram,

    I don't know about Scientology, but your question reminded me of Holographic Kinetics by Steve Richards (discussed elsewhere on the forum), so here's his answer in case your interested in...
  19. Re: The new Tesla, Dollard's lab has been destroyed, need help

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
    Donated now, might donate again later :)
  20. Re: 2012, Light Flashes, Lucifer and symbols.... ?

    I can't watch the video right now, but regarding

    that's an aesthetic typographical device called ligature, where some letters are combined to give a more smooth/balanced look. See...
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