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  1. Re: Stunning Aurora Borealis From Space In Ultra HD (4K)

    Yep! Absolutely cool!!! Utterly amazing!! I found it to be utterly amazing also, that not one of those satellites obviously heading in a "Polar" direction, made it "All" the way to the pole!!!! Not...
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    Re: Earthquake sensitivity

    Just turned on my computer and saw the news flash for Ecuador and was wonderin??? Thanks for post Bill!!! Glad to hear yer OK!!!
  3. Re: Don't believe your dermatologist -- sunlight prevents cancer

    Back when I wuz bout knee high to a grass hopper... Momma knew bout sun burn. yep did. A day at the beach made me and brother look redder than a fresh cooked lobster!!! ccc. We stopped by our local...
  4. Re: Isn't it strange that the more you know, the less you speak?

    I... agree with, Lao Tzu :wizard:
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    Re: Waiting for What?

    A thousand past lives - a thousand more to go - YOU, only get one chance to live "This" life...:wizard:
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    Re: The voice of God

    cccc. sounds like something a ET would do. cc. They are NOT, all, enlightened beings. Some are quite humorous in their actions and intentions. yep! are! ccc.
  7. Re: A demon, ufo, bigfoot, all walk into a bar...

    Sorry Mike, but ya can't just lump everything together into one big happy category as you seem to be trying. everthing! can be explained!!! JUST as YOU explain it! yep! However... EACH, to its' own...
  8. Re: People can't handle the truth, really, they can't

    I know most that work at my local super market. I of course have some fav's that I can ask at check out..."see any ET's lately?" cc. yep! Do! One time I did so and noticed a Lady next to me whose...
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    Re: Reincarnation - A supplemental theory

    We are Immortal Beings Of The Highest Order, This body, is just a suit we wear to have this Physical Experience... and nothing more. Our past lives were just that, our present lives are just that....
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    Re: Is This the Future of Our Children?

    Petri Dish? or Feed Lot? I heard Linda Moulton Howe talk about this and how it is her belief that the Feed lot could very well be the culprit. Yep! Feed Lot!! Seems that live stock are fed large...
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    Re: The 'Dalmatian' kitten mystery

    hmm???!!! Born this morning, eh? I would say someting else strange is the fact that the little darlings are "Already" up and playing like month old kitties???!!!
    Certainly not looking nor acting......
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    View Post

    I prefer to call it the "Jump To Light Speed"! ccc. or just "Communion", if you prefer that. (24/7's/365 D/Y) (Communion with Your High Self/Source) (I call my High Self,

    All ya gotta...
  13. Re: Pediatrics Journal says to stop calling breastfeeding natural - Article

    The really scary thing is that there are many that will believe them!!

    My Dr. told me that if I didn't take the medicine he prescribed, that I would be dead in two years! So I fired him! Yep!...
  14. Re: Historic Chemtrails Lawsuit Filed In Canada

    uh- where's the scientific evidence to back up these wild claims? Or has this just been presented as somebody's wild accusations that the sky is falling????

    Seems to me that if somebody wants to...
  15. Thread: Wi-Fi

    by sirdipswitch

    Re: Wi-Fi

    Hey Foxie!! Thanx fer thread and asking this question!!!

    And THANX ALL... for all the great replies!!!!!!

    I been wonderin this very same question!!

    Still tryin to figure out how to do...
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    Re: Something shoots out of a black hole

    I'm with on this one. NASA earned "Not A Straight Answer", for a very good reason.

    The one I like is the rover NASA sent to Mars that they said was well worth the effort to put up there, even...
  17. Re: Americans Squandered Their Birthright of Sovereignty

    Precisely why our founding fathers did not want lawyers to hold public office.

    They are highly adept at confusion.:wizard:
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    Re: A human conundrum

    Improve? Really? Who says? Who knows? How can you improve on perfection? It is nothing more than someone's guesstimation... that we are supposed to improve!

    "HORSEPUCKY"!!! We is already......
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    Re: Do you think it's real ?

    Then there's the guys that came screemin back across the river tellin Moses, WE WERE AS GRASHOPPERS in their sight!!! I always wondered what they were smoking! Grashoppeers? Really!?

    And THEN!!!...
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    Re: Do you think it's real ?

    Giant is relative to what you think of it. To me the Afghan is a giant at 8 feet, and towering above everything in the hood. (Yep... gnostic9 posted the right vid I was talking about)

    And let's...
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