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  1. Re: Jerusalem UFO orb is genuine, survives MUFON attempt to debunk ET communication

    People have tried to debunk it, some people even reproduced it using Adobe After-Effect. The third one is fake, the one with the static photo of Jerusalem and "American tourists" talking in the...
  2. Re: What really happened to Project Camelot: an interview by Mel Fabregas

    Thank you for doing the interview and posting it on youtube. Thank you both for putting your cards on the table. I didn't know you were targeted at that level.

    I am so happy that things are...
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    Re: What the heck happened to the school system???

    Even someone who served the Education Dept under Reagan says it. Kids are deliberately dumbed down.

    Her book is now free to download. I may not agree...
  4. Re: Evolution of the style of perceived UFOs over the course of history

    I interviewed an elderly gentleman who saw a ufo in the mid to late 30s as he was walking home with his brother and friends. I asked him to describe the craft. He saw rivets and windows. I asked...
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    Re: Are people really this dumb?

    These kind of videos are heavily edited. They don't prove that everyone is an idiot.

    I am from Canada and I married an American. We live in the States. We both agree that the education...
  6. Thread: 32+ planes down...

    by vbt

    Re: 32+ planes down...

    32 planes down? Has this been confirmed either in the news or by the FAA? I know that the gov has released a flight advisory for pilots because they will be testing the GPS system in Jan and Feb. ...
  7. Re: UFO - Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011

    Do you remember the Australian wave a few years back? A film maker admitted making them to test people's gullibility. I have developed a healthy skepticism because I know they can do marvels with...
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    Re: Are you sick or are you ascending ?

    To put a name on it, this sounds like kundalini working its way through the physical body. I am living through number 30 right now. Meditation and breathing exercises help. Thank you for...
  9. Re: UFO - Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011

    There is another video of the same event on youtube, a video that is obviously a hoax. So now people will say that the two first ones were hoaxes too. I am not into video editing but wouldn't it...
  10. Re: UFO - Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011

    Yes, thank you for the translation. I was wondering what they were saying as they saw something of this nature. At first I thought, wow, best footage ever. Then I thought of the Australian wave...
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