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  1. Re: Losing Contact in the Desert: The 2017 Fake-Over of American Ufology

    Great well-grounded perspective, and it seems good to have on the record, especially with the English transcription. Thanks for posting.

    Am I being thick? I can't work out who the actual author...
  2. Re: Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor--Bolton, Trump Recreating Nazi Ideology

    Kind of sobering and chilling words between the 14'-15' mark, I found. Thanks for sharing this.


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    No. At the risk of stating the obvious, there is a chasm of a difference between 'irrefutable proof' at the one end of the scale and opinions at the other (with plenty of 'he said', 'she said' in...
  4. Re: Gnostic Christianity and Eastern Philosophy - An invitation to Private Study

    HI Truthster, and thanks for starting this thread. There is something in your earnest investigation which attracts me, and I would like to weigh in. I have tried to read most of the posts so far,...
  5. Re: Let's talk about vitamins and minerals and supplements, starting from scratch

    Since three/four years ago, my partner and I have eaten a whole-foods plant-based diet, almost exclusively organic, and at least 50% raw. We grow already quite a lot of our own (more and more),...
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    Re: Free EFT training

    Hi and thanks for sharing this @ichingcarpenter.

    I keep meaning to get into this. I have to admit that sites like this - with their commercialised approach - tend to leave me feeling a bit...
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    Re: The Future of Internet Forums

    Hi all,

    Thanks Bill for starting this thread. I have already learned a lot by reading (most of) the posts. I am deeply grateful for all that Avalon offers, and the great way in which it is run.
  8. Re: A path to soil health and food independence

    I too would like to recommend Masunoba Fukuoka's book 'The One Straw Revolution' wholeheartedly. There are also some documentaries about him kicking around on Youtube.

    With his Zen...
  9. Re: The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism (or, why some cultures really are more dangerous than others)

    Hi all, and thanks for sharing this, Bill.

    Yes, it makes for some uncomfortable viewing, for sure.

    But for me a major question here is: whether PJW is presenting a rounded view or a lop-sided...
  10. Re: THIS PLANET WILL BE THEIRS: David Jacobs' conclusion about the ET agenda

    Oh dear, no notably dependencies here. I think I'll develop a limp.

    :happy dog:


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    Re: Live Stream UFO Watch

    Sounds like a great idea to me.

    I'm not sure exactly what format you have in mind, but it strikes me that if it were intended that several people would be participating live, it could be good to...
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    Re: Stop 5G before it's irreversible!

    For UK citizens/residents:

    Has anyone shared this government petition yet?

    "Launch an independent enquiry into the health and safety risks of 5G."
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    Re: Are ETs Benevolent or Malevolent?

    An interesting question, but maybe ultimately misplaced?

    Do we take 'benevolent' and 'malevolent' towards humans as 'good' and 'bad' respectively? What if in order to restore 'order' or to save...
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    Re: Fallen Angels and Their Strategy

    Hi raregem

    I think the link needs to be modified just slightly, as follows:-
  15. Re: November 11th -- Impending "happenings"?

    Of course, on a cursory glance the list looks fairly impressive, but for it to have any meaning at all it would need to be compared with a similar list for any other given date of the year.

  16. Re: Dark Journalist and Clif High: Alt Media Folks Doxxed



  17. Re: Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy

    A hearty warm welcome to you, Kevin


  18. Re: PURSUING X: Marketing, money and manipulation in the Alternative Media


    But it's vitally important that folks learn to discern, isn't it? Otherwise everyone gets pulled down that sticky greasy slope? Otherwise everything is for sale. Otherwise everything risks...
  19. Re: PURSUING X: Marketing, money and manipulation in the Alternative Media

    According to the PursuingX website, Grant Cameron is also among her clients.
    If anyone is in touch with him maybe worth alerting him also.


  20. Re: PURSUING X: Marketing, money and manipulation in the Alternative Media

    HI Bill,

    Thanks so much for bringing this out. It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, and your stated views concur exactly with mine on the issue. We kind of know somewhere in our intuition...
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