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  1. Thread: Jupiter Ascending

    by Cjay

    Re: Jupiter Ascending

    It's not about Jupiter Ascending.

    The Google-translated page is difficult to understand because the syntax is wacky after translation from Chinese. The origin of the information appears to be NASA...
  2. Re: Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone numbers


    The accounts of these children are chilling. They seem to be telling the truth, simply describing events as they recall them. While there is an element of prompting by the adults off...
  3. Re: New microscope will scan objects a millionth of a human hair

    The blurb says

    More info:
  4. Re: MSM Article: "Seven ways to appear more Intelligent than other People"...

    What about those of us who use our whole middle name instead of our first name? :cool:
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    Re: NSA (apparently) hacks hard drive firmware

    There are backdoors in the BIOS. Every operating system must go through the BIOS.
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    Re: The critical methane problem we all face

    It was warmer on Earth during the so-called Medieval Warm Period than it is today. You can find this image all over the internet.
  7. Re: "Papa kills babies" -- Reflections on humanity

    - from the description below the following video:


    According to the next video, which includes clips from RT, the investigation was closed [nothing to see here, move along] and the...
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    Re: Media blitz against "anti-vaxxers"

    The Australian media have been ridiculing and denigrating anti-vaxers for months.

    Here is one such newspaper article from a month ago: link

    And this search found 76 documents
  9. Re: CAR runs on SALTWATER approved for production in Europe!

    Previously posted in this thread

    Perhaps the mods should merge the two threads.
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    Such dramatic headlines tempted me to watch the whole video. I wish I hadn't wasted my time.
  11. Phosphate fertilisers are poisoning the air, water, soil, wildlife and our food

    Phosphorus is one of the elements that are essential for plant growth. Phosphorus is the P in N-P-K fertilisers. Phosphate fertilisers and their many toxic by-products are poisoning the air, water,...
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    Re: 16 Lessons from Bruce Lee

    My son, who is now 30, has been training in various martial arts since he was 14. He is a big fan of Bruce Lee. One day, when he was about 18 he asked me if I had seen Bruce Lee's one inch punch. I...
  13. Thread: Radar anomalies?

    by Cjay

    Re: Radar anomalies?

    I see these type of effects quite frequently on Australian weather radar images. Just recently the bureau of guessology (meteorology) stated the lines are due to powerful radio interference. They did...
  14. Re: Is our Galaxy a Wormhole? Physics say "Could Be!"

    That image reminded me of these three fascinating videos which may explain the structure of everything from atoms to galaxies.

    I am very disappointed that Part 4 was never published. I wonder why....
  15. Thread: UFG MakerSpace -

    by Cjay

    Re: UFG MakerSpace -

    Thank you UFG! Very inspiring.
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    Re: Is This The World's Oldest Secret Code?

    How can they know the information is about the carver's understanding of creation of the world if the modern experts haven't cracked/read the code yet? :doh:
  17. Re: Hope

    What does this say about the cowards with the guns?
  18. Re: Remove skin tags and moles with apple cider vinegar

    A TINY amount of the strongly alkaline milky sap from Radium Weed works well too.
  19. Re: Portable water-powered generators go into production in Canada

    Unfortunately, most innovators are stuck in the money magik matrix mindset. That is, they want to get rich.

    Yes, humanity has a lot of growing up to do.
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    With focus and determination, we can achieve amazing things
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