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  1. Re: I'm going to miss the Confederate Flag as a teenagers REBEL Flag

    Of the first five presidents, four owned slaves. All four of these owned slaves while they were president.

    Of the next five presidents (#6-10), four owned slaves. Only two of them owned...
  2. Re: We Are Trained Not To Tell The Truth - Ex Big Pharma Sale Rep Speaks Out

    Latrogenics is the 3rd leading cause of death in this country. This doesn't include being injured or maimed at the hands of medical professionals It's the elephant in the room no one is talking about...
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    Re: The Expansion of Consciousness

    A recent article about the consciousness myth

    Tom Stoppard’s ‘hard problem’ may be the hardest there is – but it certainly is not new
    Published: 25 February 2015
  4. Re: Joe Cocker has passed away. Tributes, Please!

    I respectfully disagree with member Roisin post #11 ....Music has the power to literally change lives Please take the time to watch this report on the recent documentary "Alive Inside " The proof is...
  5. Ohama claims he's the first president to acknowledge area 51
    I guess you could take this two ways.Either he's making a mockery of conspiracy theorist, or its a sign of a slow roll out of disclosure
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    Re: Something on the moon ?

    Ascension what if they didn't work for who they claim but actually worked for another agency or private contractor, the dates were changed,the location of the telescope was changed ,( could be...
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    Re: Secureteam10 has posted a followup video on the objects behind the moon

    I totally understand I too would not want to debate this with him either.I guess my thoughts are we have heard from so many whistleblowers who's claims have not come to be I just get the feeling this...
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    Re: Secureteam10 has posted a followup video on the objects behind the moon

    Johnj ,
    I appreciate your efforts in trying to weed out disinformation. I was unaware there was any doubt cast on the validity of the whistleblowers testimony due to previous audio vocal distortions...
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    Re: Secureteam10 has posted a followup video on the objects behind the moon

    Flash I was unable to locate what is factually the op of the first video I did however find a post of the first video on two other threads I agree it would be easier to make comments on these post if...
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    Secureteam10 has posted a followup video on the objects behind the moon

  11. Re: Is San Fran Asiana Flight 214 Another MSM Hoax?

    My close friend is a flight attendant for UAL. She just flew a international flight with a mutual friend of ours who also is a flight attendant for the same airline.He was on flight 885 SFO to Kix...
  12. Re: Giant exercise off the east coast of the US. A full blown invasion DRILL

    Maybe this has something to do with. all the activity
    Jut realized this story was published in 2011,...
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    Re: Exo-Vaticana

    Maybe the mods should merge these... I started this one last week
  14. Exovaticana: What is the Vatican about to disclose, or is this all disinformation?

    After listening to Clyde Lewis on his radio show Ground Zero last night, I was wondering if this latest documentary from Tom Horn and Cris Putnam that claims to reveal in April some of the findings...
  15. Re: I Agree Alex - Deport the British Bastard..!

    I don't usually sign petitions ,but after listening to Mr Morgan spew his visceral attack on our constitutional rights ,not to mention his rude and pathetic demeanor towards his guests ,who were...
  16. Re: Need help defining a highly unusual sensation

    @ wackytweaky I've had several obe experiences and this was not even close to that .The intensity was mind boogling and the vibration was teeth chattering .This is such an awesome community Thanks...
  17. Need help defining a highly unusual sensation

    I haven't posted on PA in quite sometime but I feel like this warrants a post and I'm asking for some help defining this event
    I was in bed last night and was in and out of my usual dream state...
  18. Re: Bill and Kerry's Pilot - Shadow Operations - The Mars Project on Tru TV 11/7 11pm

    I enjoyed the show .I don't want be negative but the only thing to me that did seem odd was that the security detail that stoped Bill and Kerry from driving their SUV any further seemed to be driving...
  19. Re: Anybody make a living doing what they love?

    In 1997 I made music my fulltime career. I am so lucky to have been blessed with many opportunities to perform all over the US with some amazingly talented musicians and artists. In 2004 I gave up...
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    Re: Jordan Maxwell debunked

    After nearly 6 years of being a member of the PC and PA family...I have come to the conclusion these once special sites shared by those of us who shared a determined purpose, have been...
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