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  1. Re: The Arctic is melting, the Antarctic is freezing. What does this mean?

    Saw this the other day and thought it worth sharing. Marc Morano is an entertaining and lively speaker, IMHO.

    Note: I copy/pasted one-by-one the links for the time stamps so they are a little...
  2. Lincoln Gergar - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

    Wanted to pass on these two interviews that have a span of about four years between them.

    Lincoln confirms my own experiences of the Reality of life and much more :flower:

    I highly recommend...
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    Re: The Animal Communicator - Anna Breytenbach

    Discusses the spiritual aspect of animal communication and other related topics.

    In answer to a viewer question at around 47:09, Anna recommends a couple of books:
    "A Language Older than Words"...
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    The above video mentions the Maharishi Effect at about minute 8:35.

    This article Summary of 13 Maharishi Effect Published Studies provides information on the studies done.

    On the left sidebar...
  5. Re: Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador tears up asylum deal

    In this video, Amazing Polly has some interesting information on a "surprising client" that fits with this thread. Cannot say more or it is a spoiler.

    Spygate Swamp Lawyer Has a Surprising Client...
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    Re: 5G .....from Sacha Stone

    Wow, Melinda, love your post and graphic :flower:

    In Sacha's answer to Simon's question at about 22:18 he mentions that human consciousness steers galaxies; your graphic depicts this as well.
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    Re: 5G .....from Sacha Stone

    Here's another one featuring Sacha speaking out on 5G; published on Apr 3, 2019.

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    Re: 5G .....from Sasha Stone

    I received this article in my email inbox this morning--sounds like some good news and hope many more will follow soon!

    Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects
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    Re: 2019 Project Avalon Gathering live stream

    Working now, thanks :bigsmile::clapping:
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    Re: 2019 Project Avalon Gathering live stream

    The video is not available at the moment on my end :(
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    Re: Electric Cars...

    One main concern with electric or hybrid vehicles is the emission of electromagnetic radiation.
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    well, I've worked with radio signals for about 20 years, I worked on the warlocks in Iraq that jammed signals, I used Oscilloscopes to analyze transmitted radio waves of all types (to...
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    Hi TargeT,
    I posted the video (post #15 above) because it explains that there is a "5G = 5th Generation" narrative that creates confusion of what 5G really is--a weapon used with Smart Meters to...
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    There are two types of 5G; or there is only one but lots of misinformation on purpose to create confusion so people do not become upset. There possibly is a 5G that is the next generation after 4G....
  15. Re: "Tartaria, 150 years later." Stretching reality a little thin? Pervading the alt-webs now

    I could only view for less than 2 minutes; too difficult to read and background sound was not at all pleasant.:eek:
  16. Re: The Calm Before the Storm... or is the Storm now here?

    For clarification, here is a direct quote of Maharishi explaining the influence of the three Gunas and how their interplay constitutes life in the relative field.

    The Vedas’ concern is with the...
  17. Re: Cody Snodgres 8-15-18: 5G, DEWs, Electro-smog, TIs, mind control

    Not only does he move a lot, Cody also mentioned that he has body guards and video surveillance going all the time.
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    Re: My experience as a targeted individual

    I just posted this from Cody Snodgres that might fit in here.
  19. Cody Snodgres 8-15-18: 5G, DEWs, Electro-smog, TIs, mind control

    I thought this a good summary of what the deep state black ops are doing to us without our knowledge.

    Cody seems very knowledgeable on the details of black ops: directed energy weapons, 5G, mind...
  20. Lisette Larkins: ET Contact by an "Ordinary" Person

    Just finished listening to these two (approximately 60-minute) videos. Searched Avalon Forum for Lisette Larkins, but surprisingly there were no matches.

    Because I thought the information she...
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