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    Re: Is the Vedas' version of hell truth...?

    You are not insane and they are right to place it in the targeted individuals. You are not going to hell because I bet you are a really loving person and you love a lot of others and take pleasure in...
  2. Re: UFO on flight back from YVR (Vancouver)

    Yes I have a few one after the other. At first I saw a white dot. I drew upon it on a zoom and it pulsated with a core and blue centre. Then it went pure white square. Then it changed and went around...
  3. UFO on flight back from YVR (Vancouver)

    Ok. This is absolutely truth. I flew back from yvr Canada on an over night flight to UK.
    I was sat by the wing and it was dark. Over the wing tip I saw a bright white light. I had my huwei mobile...
  4. Re: Tell me about your day - please - a very brief report....

    I was attacked in the middle of the night getting up this morning. I don't know what it was but it was heavy tapping all over my back and body that I woke up and had to fight it off. I still don't...
  5. Re: Targeted Individual for being a healer and very loving: an experience

    Ernie you are wise bless you and thank you. I have been through hell and back and I'm fighting loads of stuff that I need to start feeling the love and the good stuff more. I do require healing, I...
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    Re: What happened to Omni?

    they harass you and try to make you into loveless soul. They try it with me and tell me that I am me inside my head but then they say you are fear non stop in the head. I know it may not be the case....
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    Re: Preparing for an Alien Invasion?

    Ok, this is what I feel and picked up. Aliens are already amongst us aka star seeds and evolution individuals that is one group of people. The ones who are light workers working for love they don't...
  8. Re: Is this real?? (Remote Viewing document in the CIA online library)

    Do not under estimate what the CIA NSA can do. Just pray non stop that they are destroyed or stopped because what they can do in many areas, you would be shocked. They do not want you loving, they...
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    Re: Please tell me about black ops helicopters

    I have been monitored and they know what makes you tick. I work with Angels and they are hell bent on me not being with them and trying to keep me in fear. They annoy me. However, In England I had a...
  10. Re: Consent for your photographic data to be stored and shared at an airport?

    It would not let me watch it for some reason. However, I was told off heaven that they are evil and their intention is to take away your divine will and control you like they are a god (not) and...
  11. Re: Are some healers being pressured to give up healing?

    LOL I hear things like "out of your mouth you are you" ??? I curbed the swearing but it's like they go at you non stop to distract you. I am in a better ish place now and I'm doing my best to start...
  12. Re: Targeted Individual for being a healer and very loving: an experience

    I spoke to a Hindi teacher in Canada and he confirmed that they had got in and messed my mind up. I can't believe I have allowed this to take place. I know am in a way where I am snapping because I...
  13. Re: Are some healers being pressured to give up healing?

    I have just updated reading this and I need some prayers, they are trying to force me into fear and separate me from my heart. I know I am not insane and I just need a break. I hear you I don't...
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    yes well kinda
    I am a healer but I was in a pub once and in the bathroom. I heard a scream from a woman who was bent over and could not move. So I was like Oh.. and in my eye I could see a barge...
  15. Re: God, angels, demons, ghosts of humans, aliens, orbs, LSD trip- spirits, voodoo based spirits, etc etc etc

    Outside of time everything exists in the here and now. Jesus tests the spirits by asking them to provide love to him. If they can't provide love then they are et or negative.
    That's the way I see...
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    I believe you .. the CIA threatened me to stop healing the planet and to stop loving as intensely and they then bombared me with repeated messages in the head to try and separate me from love.
  17. Re: Man tests if Google is listening to his mic in live video... Watch what he finds

    I went into stores and I just found out that they secretly keep the location on my phone. I have now turned off absolutely anything I can find. I booked a holiday and now all they do is showcase...
  18. Re: David Wilcock's letter of resignation to Gaia TV

    That would be an online scam. All online schools would tell you more about what the course entails and the student support even before it is published. He is relying on his name to get people to join...
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    Re: Man I love this 80's ish song!

    Talking 1980's
    Clime Fisher - Love changes everything
    Aha- Touch me
    Bros- I owe you nothing.
    Tears for fears- everyone wants to rule the world.
    to name a few are some of my fave 1980's...
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    Re: Do you believe in Twin flames?

    When it first started I was told I was a quarter of four souls and two are together and I was attacked. I totally believe this person is real. He hears me all of the time and he is not aware that...
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