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  1. Re: A common philosophy well explained by "alien from Andromeda"

    So true...that video is right on the mark!...
  2. On NE eve...excellent documentation of UFOs, Kennedy, Nixon and Mil Ind Machine,,,w/ Robert Dean

    Absolutely well done documentary (includes Bob Dean) tying all the past Potus from Eisenhower/Truman , watergate, ET presence , Military Industrial...
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    Re: High Blood Pressure

    here some ad copy... sounds a bit conflicting...especially the hypertension statement

    and the dosage

    all below line copied from page.....
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    Re: Weather: What's going on?

    Relax... its obvious as the nose on our faces what is really happening....YES, its global warming in the highest degree...
    Consider that the politicians have been stumping since Fall...and the more...
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    Re: Interesting UFO over Israel

    appears to be a reflection of a buffering indicator on a movie playing on youtube (or another similar service) reflecting off the window. notice how it moves as the camera viewpoint moves..
  6. MSM blurb/fail on symbols on dollar Jordon Maxwell!

    Interesting MSM blurb...

  7. Re: Mystery box found in dumpster, contents baffle the mind

    The author is certainly mesmerized by metal bearings
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    Re: Has Keshe claimed to be the Messiah?

    ....just for the record

    youtube user zerofossilfuel has been experimenting for years in free energy....and recently did a project using Keshes exact process and is now proven worthless. Seems at...
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    wanna see what autonomous can do...

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    Re: Mr. robot tells it like it is

    Yes... it is a must-see...well worth the effort

    subscribed to it

    Looking forward to series

    Coincidentally , came out that all gubermint employes data was hacked..since yesterday I...
  11. Re: Why Operation Jade Helm is freaking out the Internet ?

    Dont want to forget about google removing the black box over the part of the sky Planet X, Nibiru is located....and there it is ..the missing planet x

    that just happened a day or two ago

  12. Thread: The Birds

    by gittarpikk

    Here is a link to a looperman music track that is...

    Here is a link to a looperman music track that is soooo fitting for this thread

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    Re: Sustained Constant Ringing In Ears

    That is the exact tone (ringing) I have in my ears...and have had for a very long time

    Now a small revalation... When I was very guess is about 6 or 7, I had a horrible dream. I dreamed...
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    Re: Sustained Constant Ringing In Ears

    From someone who has had it (quite severe...imagine a noisy room...and I still hear the ringing above everything going on)

    Sound is live microphone feedback on a PA system but higher pitch..and...
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    well its not... BTW...I seriously doubt that gigapixels existed in the year it was taken... at least not in civilian possession.

    Not buying the bird hypothesis either

    Methinks it looks like...
  16. Re: Not sure where to post.... extremely deep explanation of the Matrix, reality, Anu, WingMakers ..great read

    In my first post I meant to add Delores Cannon's (deceased) response which I'm sure would be interesting were it possible...but she now knows first hand what is really 'going on' :bigsmile:
  17. Not sure where to post.... extremely deep explanation of the Matrix, reality, Anu, WingMakers ..great read

    This is a long read ...and I about halfway.... but the more I read the more I could sense that perhaps this is the best...
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    Re: Orion galactic wars

    Actually none of the links provided above work

    it states that an error occured in validation...the video does not exist
    in the second post...the video works...bbut audio is in another language
  19. Re: SPOT, the robot dog, developed by Boston Dynamics (this should make us all very worried)

    Just seen on the recorded news today(ch 10 Knoxville) ...a short clip about the history of the Spaniards when they came through the Appalachia in their 'conquest'

    They used 'wardogs' that they...
  20. Re: Russian UFO and incredible flying display Jet Fighters 2015

    Actually those are RC turbine powered model they werent close to crashing. This sort of flight demonstration is common at among other events, large RC events.The other jets were full...
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