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  1. Re: Dr Judy Wood: Most comprehensive research on what happened to the buildings on 9/11

    I regard Judy Wood as the most blatant miss info agent in the 9/11 truth movement. At times she makes legitimate observations that are sometimes ignored by AE911 truth. Such as evidence of EMP. At...
  2. Thread: No Planes?

    by andy2001

    Re: No Planes?

    The WTC1/2 where hit by a planes. But they not where not the planes claimed in the official story. They where hit by remote controlled planes. There was something fired from the underside of the...
  3. Re: Farsight Institute project indicates Hitler was mind controlled.

    As far as I can tell nobody on this thread is aware that Dick Allgire, who was one of the two remote viewers on this project has used some of his data from this project to make an independent...
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