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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    LOL @ #adrenoface, babyface. I'm afraid you're right. I used to appreciate Depp for his choice in non-mainstream movies he made in addition to the mainstream stuff. I also appreciated that he did a...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Who are the people next to Kissinger and Barbara Eden? The woman(?) next to Eden = Kissinger's wife? Looks similar to the ghoulish woman at McCain funeral and also looks like a tranny. Also, aha?...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Speaking of institutional pedophilia....

    “The Great Accuser, as he himself tells God in...
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    Re: Is JFK Jr Still Alive?

    The bald guy doesn't look anything like him IMO. On the other hand, the guy in the chopper....

    I'm of the "I am skeptical but would love for it to be true" mindset. He always seemed like a good...
  5. Re: Kerry Cassidy banned from live broadcasting on YouTube

    Sure, nothing nefarious at all about shutting down every channel that questions the official narrative. Move along, nothing to see here.

    I question your ability to think critically. Lumping...
  6. Re: YouTube wants to add Wikipedia Links to Conspiracy Theory Videos

    At some point, people are going to have to start boycotting these websites and find alternatives to use and let these die along with MSM ratings.
  7. Re: Hillary Clinton will be the Deep State Candidate for 2020?

    No way. Hillary is toast. She'll either be in prison or in the ground.
  8. Re: Matt Damon Makes Some Very Reasonable Comments About Sexual Harassment...

    Spiral, I think there most definitely something going on as you've described. Yet more reasons to boycott the subversive programming bombarding us 24/7.
  9. Re: President Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency

    I take the declaration very seriously. Those who do not take it seriously, however, I cannot take very seriously.

    Massive corruption and child trafficking are two of worst, most despicable...
  10. Re: President Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency

    Exactly, Herve!
  11. Re: Transcontinental Conference - Abel Danger, Las Vegas, Helicopters & Other Inexplicable Phenomena

    I like these guys too. Some of the more credible ones out there IMO.
  12. Re: Self-taught rocket scientist plans to launch himself to 1800 ft

    There are much easier ways to catch a roadrunner.
  13. Re: First charges filed in Mueller investigation

    Amen to that. These two are so obvious in their servitude to the world oligarchy with their non-stop drumbeat for perpetual war. I have never seen a pair of politicians that constantly attack a...
  14. Re: Summary for Atlantic Hurricanes and Global Warming

    If man is affecting weather it's HAARP-like geoengineering, not the "global warming" guilt trip they're pushing to collect "carbon tax."
  15. Re: The Avalon forum, wild stories, debunkers, courtesy, and open-mindedness

    I was a teenage werewolf.

    Any questions?
  16. Re: Senate Bill would label WikiLeaks 'non-state hostile intelligence service'

    Can you explain what you mean a little more?[/QUOTE]

    I wonder if Jake is referring to the Podesta WikiLeaks which contained likely pedophile codewords and suggested a Luciferian connection...
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    I've studied hurricanes for more than two decades. Harvey, like Katrina and Sandy, is suspicious in its intensification. IMO likely Hurricane HAARPey.
  18. Re: U.S. Diplomats suffer brain injuries from acoustic attacks

    Lol. Not to mention we're the U of C I A and likely where the attack originated, so now we're going to study the "subjects."
  19. Re: Senate Bill would label WikiLeaks 'non-state hostile intelligence service'

    This is the "we don't want to be caught molesting children" Bill, plain and simple.
  20. Re: Unexplainable scratches: your thoughts appreciated

    This kept happening to me until I finally realized I was doing it to myself - sometimes when asleep, sometimes awake. I just did it the other day wide awake. I was being bitten by mosquitoes or...
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