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    Re: World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

    I stumble across an information about Earth's changes in population due to the cycle that is repeating about every 676 years. This cycle is Earth's magnetic pole reversal.
    A researcher from Poland...
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    Re: Do you hold Bitcoin?

    I trade cryptocurrencies on the market and I will allow to pay in my online store with bitcoin.
    The bitcoins are limited in number and are mined by the "miners" using electrical current(current-cy)...
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    Re: 7/7: R.I.P. J.F.K. & U.S.A. - Dallas Shooting

    They dance and laugh in the most inappropriate moment. Or maybe this is elite's state of looking at the things they do and repeat which such a precision.
    Happy days for them probably but now they...
  4. Re: 5 Dallas police dead at 'black lives matter' protest-- snipers

    The team from TRUTHstreammedia have always well thought opinion and larger perspective on current events.

  5. Re: EU President speaks of "leaders from other planets who are worried" in EU Congress

    Too many words going in the same thought direction. When he talks about the leaders from other planets he finishes with them observing us from farther away- like in space.
    To me he doesn't talk...
  6. Re: Ice Age Now: FEMA/ NWO Think Tanks Ready for Global Food Shortages: Timeline, and Which Countries

    In 5:59 in to the video he is telling that highlighted text reads "Grain Shocks" but when you stop the video you can see that it reads "Grain Stocks".
    That element makes this information suspicious.
  7. Re: Sad state of society: Dolphin dies after beachgoers pass it around taking selfies

    Probably this little fella died from the fear, I don't think people harmed him in any way.
    I can imagine being surrounded by so many "aliens" and out of his beloved liquid home, scary on so many...
  8. Re: Stranger than fiction: Poland wants a piece of Ukraine

    Yes I'm from Poland and in the current situation any conflict of this kind is the last thing Poland wants.
  9. Re: Stranger than fiction: Poland wants a piece of Ukraine

    This article is total BS. Poland doesn't want anything from neighboring Ukraine.
    It's true that there are still some polish speaking people in Ukraine but they are more welcome
    to come and live in...
  10. Re: Walking Past ETs as They Hand-Fed Birds in the Woods

    Of course I can't prove it but from what I'm getting the men are not from this planet.
    They are from the planet that has oxygen in constellation of Orion on a tourist trip to this quadrant of galaxy...
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    Re: Possible UFO or orbs nearby in Poland

    I grow up in the town 15km from the Baltic Sea and this is almost the same thing that I saw as a kid.
    For me it was my first UFO experience. In my late 20's I saw more of it in the same area.

  12. Re: Spiral light burst over Los Angeles 7th Nov 2015

    Possible HAARP made light show as we have seen in the past in China, Norway and Russia.


    My intuition is telling me that it was done to test public reaction.
    Just by logic if it was...
  13. Re: What is the Purpose of Building Big Brother/Electronic Matrix?

    The purpose of electronic matrix is to control humans on Earth.
    But in this instant arise the question why someone needs to control humans.
    The control is not about who we are, or what we can do....
  14. Thread: UFO in tandem

    by Rollo

    UFO in tandem

    This is great catch by U.F.O. Lou who is recording on the camera the sky trough
    the night vision tube.

    I like a lot the easiness of the flight maneuvers that we on Earth can be jealous about.
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    Re: Cutting/ Self-harm

    In my teens I remember seeing some older guys and girls doing this in my neighborhood.
    They were most of the time staying on the street and causing troubles.
    At the time I thought it was their way...
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    Re: Contact with the fairie folk

    Since couple years I have more conscious connection to nature and anytime I'm outdoor I embrace it.
    I like diving and swimming in the sea and go at least couple times to the beach during the summer....
  17. Re: Market Watch: "Critical week ahead" (5 Sep 2015)

    Is there really anyone who believes that the falling of the stocks is not manipulated to be this way.
    When people are loosing right now there is always someone who is profiting big time, wave after...
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    Re: Should Humanity Be Con-CERN-ed?

    Searl vs. CERN

    Jason Verbelli speaks about some of his discoveries about CERN's so called "Higgs field"
    and compares them with one of Professor John Searl's diagrams in print over 10 years ago.
  19. Re: Did off duty US military foil another possible suspicious 'False Flag' attack on Train in France ?

    In the French MSM the narrative is going in one direction - more security(probably global lobbying campaign from Israels's security corporations).
    "Journalists" went to ask random people on...
  20. Re: Two men claim they found a lost Nazi ghost train carrying gold

    The legend about the Nazi armored train stuffed with valuables for decades circulate in Lower Silesia, Poland. Perhaps now, the two men have found it.

    Or at least that is what they persist in the...
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