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  1. Re: 30 Traits Of An Empath - How To know If You're An Empath

    there sure seems to be a lot of empaths in this community. all sentient beings are innately of a psychic nature. our scopes of perception have been narrowed though by developing a mind that reveres...
  2. Re: an easy way to avoid any disease or get healthy again.

    any positive venture administered in the pursuit of health is worthy. most on this planet do not give their well-being a second thought. the path toward perfect being is a pure mind. external...
  3. Re: an easy way to avoid any disease or get healthy again.

    you should put a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide in his drinking water every day. rich in oxygen. all beings are oxygen-deprived due to bad eating habits and then there's the dirty...
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    Re: The enlightened ego.

    The Dharma does not recognize an ego but it does recognize attachments. the mind creates attachments. these attachments result in anger, craving, jealousy and ultimately suffering. we must...
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    Re: Latest from Dolores Cannon

    there is no external existence. all is a projection of the mind. why hurt those who we have created?
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    Re: Unexplained Craft and Anomalies Near the Sun

    what am i doing wrong? i can't seem to open the attachments. i get a message that says invalid attachment specified.
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    Re: Ghost appears in window of house in Ohio

    who you gonna call?
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    Re: When Will They Land?

    our current universe is about learning. everything that occurs in our life is a teaching. how we respond to each moment dictates our progression or stagnation. if we progress we can move to an...
  9. Re: Sugar is good. The sugar conspiracy scam hoax

    well beside the knowledge that there is no actual good or bad, anything you ingest in excess has the potential to cause harm. even water. as i am sure that conspiracies or scams, including medical...
  10. Re: Guess what that "Chemical Weapon"used in Syria really is?

    it's interesting to see the different perspectives taken on this video. when i viewed it i seemed to have a wholly different one from others based on their comments. this is valuable in keeping a...
  11. Thread: Integrity

    by JohnEAngel

    Re: Integrity

    with a boundless sense of presence and a purity of heart all virtue is becoming of us.
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    Re: An Invitation to HYLOZOICS

    i took a peek at the material and found it interesting that Laurency references the stages of being by the Theosophical Society then points out the mistakes of LeadBeater and Besant. i personally...
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    Re: Is Comet Ison Really A Comet?

    when i read comments such as this one regarding a possible discovery of a cover up i become suspicious. there are thousands of disinformation agents out and about who are quick to dispel such...
  14. Re: So Why Have Extraterrestrials Been Abducting Human Beings?

    all that we really have to go on is what we have read from abductees. IMO i have read quite a lot but then again maybe not enough. it does seem to me however that most abduction experiences that i...
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    Re: Update on Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar

    Bob Lazar was one of the first of those conspiracy theorist' people i came across over 10 years ago that really freaked me out. it challenged my reality but it left me with a partially opened mind. ...
  16. Re: NSA chief: We thwarted more than 50 terror attacks.// NSA whistleblower challenges congressional testimony

    i would really like to see some change coming out out of this. what i really hope for is that more people will start waking up to the government corruption that keeps us enslaved. as Thomas Drake...
  17. TWA Flight 800 Crash Conclusion Was a Cover Up according to investigators

    i can remember when this happened and hearing about witnesses saying that they saw a missile. apparently...
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    Re: Could Candida Be Causing Your Condition?

    black walnut hull tincture

    i just got a bottle of this today and had 2 tsp. this is something that i will definitely not be serving to guests when they come over. horrible taste.
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    Re: Could Candida Be Causing Your Condition?

    thank you for this as i am one of those who have such a thing. 3 weeks ago i started a beet protocol that i found here...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    was curious as to why you said this. maybe this as one of the many precursors to the 'fake alien invasion' ?
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